Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Kelvin Davis wants to see New Zealanders as bilingual in English and Te Reo and able to switch effortlessly between the two languages 'without batting an eyelid'.   To that I say NUTS.   In order to achieve that something will have to give from the school curriculum ... what's it to be Kelvin ... reading, writing or arithmetic?    

The reality is that Maori is not and never will be a mainstream language.    It is restricted to a segment of New Zealand society and will remain so.   Great to have if you want it but clearly it falls into the 'could have' rather than the 'must have' basket.  Already there are issues with children coming out of kura kaupapa total immersion schools and finding it difficult to adjust to our wider society.   That can lead to alienation and anger.

Davis is trying desperately to appear relevant.   He's not.    He's close to being the first among a long list of 'problem Ministers.    You flew a kite Kelvin, it crashed. 

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gravedodger said...

Clearly many if not all but one in the Beehive agree with you Vet, extrordinary efforts to keep the great Hadfield slayer away from the duties that might be expected to accrue to the "Deputy Labour Leader" as things might have been, once upon a time.