Monday, July 16, 2018

How to Make a Prize Prick of Yourself

First, engage is an act of gratuitous publicity seeking by sending your useless underwater recovery vehicle to Thailand, where is was neither asked for nor wanted.   The Thai government, in its polite way, told him to fuck off.

Second, when called out by one of the real heroes of the rescue, accuse the fellow of being a paedophile.       (Hmmmm, Another lefty I know does that from time to time.  I wonder which of Alinsky's rules that comes from?)

Of course, I refer to that darling of the left, Elon Musk, who has moved from being a musk melon to being a musk ox.  Last time I looked 'musk' was an all pervading odour associated with rutting goats.

Image result for elon musk

Maybe car sales aren't going to well?  The man sure as hell needs to fire his PR manager.


paul scott said...

It was obscene.
He pushed his way into the TV studios here, with an absurd video of his submarine in
quiet still waters of a swimming pool.
Thai TV played his video for two nights, until someone said "Look Mum it doesn't fit in the hole. Genius not
Earlier the maps of the tunnel cave were out everywhere and the danger was obvious that these boys had had to go further in to get to higher ground.
The main worry was that they had to get past the tight patches swimming.
We were all looking for trouble because there is cynicism about "the Thai way", but this thing was managed well. It was a triumph, and I think they said. Look you kids are on good rations in an international rated hospital for a few days while we advertise to the wicked West.

Johno said...

Musk thinks he's Tony Stark.