Thursday, July 19, 2018


Banks are Banks.   They are there to provide a return to their shareholders (except for Kiwibank which requires regular injections of capital from the taxpayer ... I digress).   I understand that imperative and don't expect too much from my Bank which probably has me red flagged on their computer as a 'freeloader' because I religiously pay off my credit-card debt in full every month.

Last week I had occasion to query an item on my credit-card statement.   After successfully navigating myself through the bank's 0800 query line I found myself speaking to a real person who very quickly resolved the problem.   She then said 'hold on, you may be eligible to receive a 50% reduction on the annual card fee' (of $125).    I said 'tell me more'.   She said that if my Veterans Pension (NZ Superannuation) was being paid directly into my account then I would qualify for the 50% waiver.   I said 'it is and look up my account on your screen for confirmation'.   She said 'You're right and you qualify and there, it's all done'.

Half happy but Grrrrrrrrrrr ... why didn't the Bank tell me that seven years ago when I first qualified for the VP?


Gerald said...

Pales into comparison with the selfish decade delay in the adoption of the RMA Sops that would have assisted so many and their families before they died.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... don't threadjack.