Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday's Fulminations

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

When one surveys the unprecedented incompetence evinced by the Coalition of Losers one realises the outfit is completely and totally lacking in adult common sense - with the exception of WRP in his more sober moments.

I abhorred the Clark regime because of it's philosophical direction which it pursued with considerable competence. The current shambles is no where near as dangerous as they simply know not what they do and certainly not what to do next - about anything you'd care to name.

Anonymous said...

Even the few Trumpeters that inhabit this blog must be feeling disillusioned by now. His extraordinary behaviour at the NATO summit where nothing was achieved apart from sound bites to his fan base (factcheck it) and now in the UK where he branded his own interview with a Murdoch paper (taped) as fake news.

The US, and the world, has problem that they do not know how to deal with.

Lord Egbut

Gerald said...

Yeah is that what they mean by shock and awe? Berating allies in front of the cameras.
Keep it up and it will be the US without friendly support after a future CONUS attack.

The Veteran said...

Q ... What have Trump and Peters have in common?

A ... They have both trashed May and talked up Boris Johnson.

The damage these two have inflicted on US/UK and UK/NZ relationships is in incalculable.

My sources have it that private chatter from the UK High Commission is all negative.

Noel said...

In Trumps case the trashing is more than just the UK. He may end up with "Fortress USA" by default if he keeps trashing his allies. Agree with Gerald.

Anonymous said...

Why did Winston enable such an obviously hopeless government when we had a competent, stable and popular one in place already? That is what I do not understand. His legacy may well be that he enabled the most shambolic and inept govt, possibly one term, in our political history. Wonder how many Labour/NZ First voters are greatly regretting their choice?


Anonymous said...

Comparing Winston's mild observation with Trumps tirades is a non starter Veteran. Trump has now endorsed May and Boris is his best mate. He has no idea what is going to come out of his mouth until he opens it which is good because he is going to confuse the hell out of Putin.

The British High Commission are civil servants not political appointees.......they have seen it all before and are not phased.

Lord Egbut

David said...

The Donald meets The Don.

David said...

Official Whitehouse Pix of Trump in UK

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... I agree the only thing that is consistent about Trump is his inconsistency.
Re the Brit High Commission ... happened at their equivalent of TGIF drinks held early on Tuesday after Peters made his comment.