Friday, July 6, 2018

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paul scott said...

I received the below message by email. It is almost certainly from the No Minister contributor the deranged and necrotic David].
A print copy will be on http// today.
The message is labelled as being from Gary Jeffrey >
There are many obvious clues to David’s authorship, I have to hold on to most of them because I want him in a cage awaiting trial or in a Zoo.
I cannot give away the prosecution.
He is however the only person of hundreds to go through my family travel and portrait blogs and in delusion see portraits of 40 year old women as an example of pedophilia..
Here is his letter to me

Hello Paul,
We are watching you. We will come for you, maybe at night, maybe at lunch.
People will find you in the gutter with your cock sliced off and stuck in your filthy mouth.
We, the people of INFARTA will not stand for you and your kind polluting this planet.
We are building a new future without paedophiles, without racists, without numbnutter right wing whakaloons.
Look behind you, you won't recognize her until she brings you down with one little jab.

The NZ Police may or may not call on No Minister to discover more about our resident psychopath David.
You can see clearly that he belongs in a cage.
I had to tell this madman before that I was no more a pedophile than a sheep-stealer, and that I do not know many children apart from the family of my friends.

There is a problem which many blogs like NM have.
You people do not seem to recognize a civil war when you are in it.
Entertaining things like David, exposes the rest of us to this paranoid untreatable psychopath.
Kiwiblog has PC belligerents but nothing like Egg and David.
David you can read is sub human.
There is a growing tendency for us to keep away from these rabids.
There is much work to do where the risks are worthwhile.
David is at the anaerobic bottom of the cesspool in an anoxic poison.

On the good side, 11 Thai boys and one Myanmar boy and their leader will be saved from that water cave on the North Thai border.
They will have learned a lot and provided they are kept away from poisonous people like David, one of them may make a future leader of Thailand.

Anonymous said...

Why is it there is more ad hominem comment on this blog than others?

David said...

Adolf / Veteran - this needs to be deleted as defamatory. I also recommend a lengthy sin bin of Paul Scott aka Lolita's Brother and any other sock puppet account he may be using.

I do wonder if INFARTA are intending PS/LB to have an Infarto?

David said...

Trump's newest Hotel.

Trump Hotels in NZ Media.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, for something to be defamatory it needs to be, among other things, untrue. You'll need to address the substance of the comment.

David said...

The substance of the comment is PS/LB being a delusional, paranoid, dropkick, who thinks everyone is out to get him. Everything else is a lie.

As I have said before, you are known by the company you keep.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

So I see you are not prepared to rebut the allegations you earlier describe as defamatory. Does that mean they are true?

David said...

My claim of defamation is all the rebuttal I need to make. Anything else is simply grist to the troll's miil.

The onus is on Scott to prove his allegations. I make no claim other than innocence of his lies.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

But David, in order to be defamed you need, in the first place to be a person of good repute, nay, blameless character, even. You need also, to prove the statements made are inaccurate.

So far as the latter goes, you are AWOL.

If I were you, I'd beat a hasty retreat on this one.

Psycho Milt said...

The NZ Police may or may not call on No Minister to discover more about our resident psychopath David.

Yeah, I'm going to go way out on a limb here and put my money on "not."

Also: there is no "our" as far as you're concerned. There's a list of who qualifies to call this "our" blog on the upper right of the home page, and you're not on it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Quite so.

Paul Scott

The NZ police won't find out much. As far as I'm aware, with a couple of exceptions, none of which involve David, each of us knows little about the lives of our fellow authors.

paul scott said...

from Paul Scott > subject violent delusional email from David

Next Friday here I will give a better summary of evidence linking David to the pathologically evil email I received.

The evidence falls into two categories a. contextual and then b. Matter of fact
Matter of fact
1. The arrangement, tone and literacy of the email received both release some categories of suspicion and lead to David. The spelling of the word pAEdophillia , is very English, and more than likely from a person older than 40. Note the orderliness of the letter from an otherwise deranged, psychotic and vicious human.
2. Consider the fact that on this very blog site, the delusional and mad David has already accused me of being a paedophile, based on a survey of all my blog articles where he saw pictures of adult family members and friends but hallucinates these as victim children
3. Letters I receive from other people are always about photoshop or travels. Who of you readers would ever be motivated to read through all my work, as David claims he did “so the others don’t have to ‘
4. Even in his rebuttal of my assertion David states as evidence for his disgusting letter “ You are known by the Company you keep “ This allegation gives credence to that fact that he has formed definite opinions as to my life and society. He is so mad that he gives evidence against himself. Any normal person can see my travel and family bog for what it is.
I will give more evidence next week, circumstantial, contextual and factual of the sickness and evil of mad David.

Paul Scott 07 july

David said...

Well done, Paul Scott. You have caught me out!

You are known by the Company you keep was addressed to Adolf, re his keeping company with you. I guess you're not smart enough to follow proper writing.

Any normal person can see my travel and family bog for what it is.

Yes, a bog, that's what it is.

I guess in future I need to be less careful with spelling and grammar lest you think I am part of the inteletchual eeleete you so despise.

Go away with you ravings, I am sure there is traffic for you to play in.