Wednesday, July 18, 2018


With the Red Army within a hundred kms of Berlin and the western allies about to cross the Rhine the political "Big Three" of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt met in Crimea at the Lavidea Palace in February 1945 with the military defeat of Germany unable to end in anything other than total destruction of The Third Reich.

One of the monumental outcomes of that meeting was the creation of a Soviet "sphere of political control" in complete absence of any hope of democracy  for the people of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Greater Yugoslavia and Albania, all consigned to Soviet domination for the next almost half century.
Austria Italy, Greece, Finland, and even France faced serious threat of inclusion in that euphemistically termed  sphere of influence through agitation from strong communist ideological influence amongst the socialist trade union empowered left.
While devastated Germany was partitioned into four "Zones" each under the control of The US, France, The UK and The USSR with the poor wretches eventually locked into East Germany denied any semblance of democracy as western peoples might define it. The other three "Zones" merged into a free democratic state under a constitutional electoral arrangement similar to that now used In NZ for MMP, with a Capital city in Bonn.

Churchill had serious reservations at this locking in of Soviet Hegemony over eastern Europe but Roosevelt supported Stalin and the rest is History.
Now because Donald Trump didn't call out the nasty little scroat currently in charge of the Russian Federation at Helsinki, he  is being compared to Chamberlain in Munich c1938, the perpetrator of a "Pearl Harbour" disaster c 1941 and the greatest Traitor to ever hold the Office of POTUS.

Sheesh people so Trump fresh from reducing tension on the Korean DMZ sometimes erroneously referred to The 38 parallel didn't stick his neck in a noose at Helsinki to satisfy all the sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome, merely met with the current dictator of Russia and no war erupted,  why don't we just wait and see down the track

References to his throwing the US security services under a bus, give me strength. The conniptions of Obama, Brennan Comey, Rosenstein, Strzok, and Meuller along with the established traitors currently in the Democratic Party, they should all be tossed under the Amtrack express leaving Washington DC.
The almost total politicisation of the DoJ and The FBI leadership as arms of the Democratic Party make it a fairly reasonable desire for the present POTUS to have a strong urge to assist in the tossing.

Just think for a moment if the deliberations of the  Big Three had been exposed to political motivations and digital communications across the mass media, the widely revered Roosevelt who was elected to the office of POTUS four times leading to the 22nd  amendment to the US constitution might have had his reputation tarnished.


Dewey said...

Very well put Dodger agree entirely,we should just wait and see..

Andrei said...

All wrong Gravedodger - Yalta didn't do that

And Yugoslavia was a leader of the non aligned nations until destroyed by the Clinton regime in an act if criminality unmatched until his harridan wife convinced Obama to wantonly trash Libya - not that you would understand this having been thoroughly indoctrinated by the State owned and controlled media of the formerly Great Britain as well as American organs of indoctrination

And Albania was also not in the Soviet sphere of influence it in fact aligned itself with Communist China.

What Yalta did do was redefine the borders of East European nations including Poland, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary and Yugoslavia in the hope that the issues that provided the nominal casus belli for WW2 would be permanantly resolved and set the stage for the later part of the War and its aftermath

And the facts on the ground in May 1945 were that much of Europe lay in ruins with the Red Army occupying the lands they had liberated from the Nazis and responsible for restoring basic amenities so the civilian populations there could survive while the Western allies (actually the USA because Britain was bankrupt and fucked and the USA made damn sure they soon would loose their empire) occupied the lands they had liberated and undertook similar responsibilities.

And the USA still occupies and dominate the lands they took over seventy years ago while the Soviets went home before my kids, who are all independant adults now, were born. And NATO expands ever eastwards like a necrotic tumour subjegating ever more people to the Godless evil empire, taking their daughters to work in brothels in the West and usurping everything of value for Westerm Oligarchs.

Churchill was of course an impotent old buffoon by the time of Yalta with his armies depleted, his nation bankrupt and who had lost office before the peace negotions at Potsdam were even concluded

Btw Vladimir Putin is not a dictator but was recently re-elected in an election monitored by international observers and ran against seven other candidates which gave the Russian electorate a far greater choice than was offered the American public, whose election was not subject to scrutiny by international monitors and was a circus to say the least

Anonymous said...

Lost me there Andrie.......overcome with your verbosity I should think. Perhaps you might care to name the countries the US "occupy" where they never went home. Quite at sea over the your statement on an evil expanding NATO. Presumably you mean where Nato has invaded and forcibly coerced the Govt. into joining.......bit like Russia and East Ukraine I presume.

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

And Yugoslavia was a leader of the non aligned nations until destroyed by the Clinton regime in an act if criminality...

Which parallel universe was that in? When I moved to Germany at the beginning of 1993 my language class was full of Bosnian, not "Yugoslavian," refugees, and Clinton was very much not involved in either the breakup of Yugoslavia or the conflict that had led them to flee their country.

... the Red Army occupying the lands they had liberated from the Nazis...

One totalitarian system doesn't "liberate" countries from another, it just replaces the totalitarian system involved. More accurately, "the Red Army occupying more than the lands the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact assigned them, thanks to them coming out on top in the ensuing falling-out among thieves."

What Yalta did do was redefine the borders of East European nations including Poland, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary and Yugoslavia in the hope that the issues that provided the nominal casus belli for WW2 would be permanantly resolved...

More accurately, "redefine the borders of eastern European nations in Russia's favour." There are good reasons why none of Russia's neighbours trust it.

Andrei said...

You know little about it Milt

The USA began planning the dismemberment of Yugoslavia in the 1970s and began the process in the 1980s rekindling ancient emnities and pouring fuel on the flames

Yugoslavs who saw what they were up to and tried to stop them were often assassinated e.g. Josip Reihl-Kir

When Germany reunited East German AK47s and ammunition were surruptiously supplied to antisocial forces within Yugoslavia and when the Government tried to deal with the chaos that ensued they were loudly critizised in the Western media (which you bought into)

Eventually they bought in the bombers and trashed the place

And now the biggest American military base in Europe is in Kosovo which allows the USA to militarily dominate the Balkans and keep its peoples under their thumb. It is also where they bring the enemies of their Empire to torture them. out of the gaze of the general public who a sensitive to such things and disapprove of waterboarding and forced enemas and the like which take place there. Out of sight out of mind

The problem with you Anglos is that you think you are morally superior to lesser humans like Slavs and that everything Anglos do is benign and for the greater good of humanity

And boy are you wrong

10 Million Red Army soldiers sacrificied their lives fighting Facsim and countless Russian, Serbian partisans also and you shit on their memory and dishonour them.

BTW other nations that had redefined borders in the aftermath WW2 are Italy, Greece and the Netherlands all firmly in the Western camp

And not all territory liberated by the Red Army ended up in the Eastern Bloc most notably Austria

Psycho Milt said...

I appreciate that the ex-rulers of Yugoslavia had their own version of events. It's a version that's recognisable from other nationalist authoritarian regimes ("this trouble was stirred up by foreign agitators!") but isn't taken seriously by anyone without an ethnic stake in the conflict.

Sure, millions of Red Army soldiers sacrificed their lives fighting fascism. Likewise, millions of Wehrmacht soldiers sacrificed their lives fighting communism, along with many Finns, Italians, Romanians and others. Recognising that they weren't doing it to make the world a better place isn't "shitting on their memory and dishonouring them," it's "seeing historical events for what they were."

The problem with you Anglos is that you think you are morally superior to lesser humans like Slavs and that everything Anglos do is benign and for the greater good of humanity

Oh yeah, ethnic stereotyping is just awful, right?

Andrei said...

FFS Milt - Slobodan Milosevic was the elected President of Yugoslavia and it was his duty as such to protect all the citizens of that nation from the depredations of elements intent on tearing it apart

Abraham Lincoln was the elected President of the USA and he engaged in a bloody civil war which cosst over 500,000 lives to preserve the union. He succeeded in preserving the union and today there is a monument to him in Washington DC - The Lincoln Memorial

Slobodan Milosevic failed to preserve Yugoslavia because he had forces arrayed against him that Lincoln did not, up to and including American Stealth bombers

When farmers going about their lawful business plowing their fields are beheaded by "seperatists" and the internationally recognized lawfully constituted Government of that land set about dealing with the terrorists who are doing the beheading they should get the support of the international community. Instead America, who had surruptiously armed the terrorists in the first place accused the lawful Government of war crimes

Here is Clinton's foreign policy advisor Richard Holbrook with the KLA (an organization recognized by the UN as a terrorist organization) replete with East German AK47s

You are an intelligent man Milt, surely you can grasp this

Allan said...

The hysteria over Trump is becoming ridiculous. I think that the establishment are so fearful of Trump draining the swamp and the consequence loss of their pampered positions they will latch on to anything to try and destroy his credibility. Yet Obama goes to South Africa and speaks about democracy in a country where there is a murderous war currently being waged against the White Farmers with vicious homicides of them every day :all done with the Government’s approval yet nothing is said and no criticism of his actions whatsoever. The hypocrisy of the situation is mind boggling.

David said...

Jesusonalolipopstick Alan!

Trump IS the establishment.

He is filling the swamp as fast as he can with like minded thieves, thugs, and charlatans.

As to South Africa, I suppose it is because Obama is black. Why all your concern over white farmers when the majority of the victims of farm attacks are black? racist much?