Wednesday, July 4, 2018


It has been revealed here that Communications Minister Clare Curran was alerted to the Z Energy data breech back in August last year while she was an Opposition MP.  

Curran, who is now the Minister responsible for cyber security, said that just before the election she was approached by 'people' concerned about the data breech but with the election just around the corner and parliament not sitting she didn't do anything with the information.   Further, and with hindsight she "probably should have followed the matter up".   You betcha she should have.

My good friend and colleague blogger Psycho Milt, staunch defender of the faith, recently declared that he had given up on Curran as a wasted space.   It's a big call for PM to say that.   How long before the Prime Minister reaches the same conclusion?



Psycho Milt said...

McCully and Smith were kept on despite every clusterfuck they were involved in under the last government, so I wouldn't get your hopes up about this one.

paul scott said...

He's right you know. A rare near matter of fact statement by PM.
McCully . I only know about the near unbelievable solitary action against Israel.
Why Why, did John Key not step in and correct this matter immediately.
A= Because Key was at the end, and didn't have the guts to do what was necessary.

Nick Smith His belligerence and stupidity over the RMA should be legendary.
Why did Key take the she'll be right, I have no fortitude for a fight with Maori option.
A= I have my private fortune to be loyal to.

Race base legislation, complete lack of any direction and traditional principles, cost Nat the election.

Johno said...

Agreed, the Nats in the past had some incompetent ministers.

That doesn't excuse the current government retaining incompetent ministers...

pdm said...

Paul Scott I think you do John Key an injustice because if his only loyalty was to his personal fortune he would never, ever have stood for Parliament.