Thursday, July 26, 2018


Mr Goofy, Hanoi Jane is more obnoxious, offensive and deserving of a gag order.  Not that I would deny her right to free speech, even though she would appear from her public persona to be first in line to dictate who should and should not be heard.

I would pay to shut that treacherous bitch up but would stop at protest,  just as I subscribe to the court action to overturn Goof'y's well out of order efforts that sadly turned out to be successful, in denying Lauren Southern's rights to be heard in a venue the citizens of Auckland own and fund.

But its alright when the lefty superior souls do it, right.


Psycho Milt said...

Can you explain what you imagine Fonda is going to say that would warrant the council holding any concerns whatsoever about her speech?

George said...

Get the boys in.
Several hours of questioning from all vets should take place.
She should be made aware that her actions supporting an enemy has a cost

Psycho Milt said...

Get the boys in.

You guys know how to deal with women who think they get to have opinions about things, right?

Paulus said...

Fonda is one of the most vocal Anti Trump speakers in the USA,and she has huge competition.
How much are we paying her to rant her spew ?
Is she costing as much as H Clinton ($500,000) and was given a heavily subsidised speaking place.
Goff will have many photos with her and dribble all over her.

Johno said...

PM: "Can you explain what you imagine Fonda is going to say that would warrant the council holding any concerns whatsoever about her speech?"

It's not what they are going to say that matters... it is how the rabble react that does matter. According to Goff, if someone is going to cause a rabble to rise up and create law and order issues, they should be either banned form the country or banned from council venues. That was his justification for the removal of council facilities from those Canadians.

Anonymous said...

The difference between events is that the conservatives are simply more respectful of rights because its a basic platform they stand on so won't make a fuss. It follows there is unlikely to be a violent reaction with health and safety issues to bother about.


Andrew said...

Southern and Molyneux are still coming.
A venue has been booked.
Goof has not won.
The story that their visit had been cancelled was #FakeNews

Andrew said...

Will Phil Goff be cancelling this event due to concerns of hate speech being promoted?:

Mangere Community Centre, 142 Kirkbridge Road - owned and operated by the Auckland Council.

Andrei said...

Jane who? FFS the woman is eighty years old and what she did long before my kids were born is ancient history.

They wouldn't know who she is, what she did or care less?

We live in an age of perpetual outrage - you can't even post a Reuben's painting on Facebook and to suggest that humanity comes in two flavours, male and female, will get people fizzing at the mouth.

Before too long looking at this could get you arrested - the looneys have taken over the asylum

Psycho Milt said...

Before too long looking at this could get you arrested

Nudity and violence! Quelle horreur! Although, on reflection I think the most depressing part is that these days most people under 30 would have no clue why the toddler is going to shoot someone with an arrow, unless maybe he is one bad-ass-motherfucker superhero toddler about to terminate some bad guys with extreme prejudice.

Andrei said...

Naked toddler Milt = pedophilia

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, I must hand it to you. That is one of the most glorious comments I have read for some time.

Still chuckling.

Anonymous said...

Willy waggling with murderous intent I should have thought.

Lord Egbut

Judge Holden said...

Naked Putin on horse, Andrei = Sexy time