Tuesday, July 3, 2018


There is massive dismay and disappointment afoot.

Waiau, where the now named "Kaikoura Earthquake" was centered, leaving the little country village without its pub, swimming pool but with enough smashed buildings to make a man weep, has now been subject to grand theft to the tune of around $100 000.

Back in the middle of last century, due to the disruptions of a scrap that began half a world away, the Waiau Boy Scout Troop went into recess, leaving a bunch of abandoned remnants in form of one of two disused classrooms in which my Late Mum earlier had learnt sufficient edumication that when totalled and tested, resulted in her matriculation c 1923.

Around 1950, with a rapidly rising school roll from the boom times of wool, meat, small seeds and grain crops, Jack Harris  got things back running in the world of scouting.

The two disused classrooms of the old school were pressed back into service to supplement the new school which became the old school #2 in the 60s and the original old school was demolished.
The one I attended had a free standing 'potbelly' coke fuelled heater in the middle of the large high ceiling room while I was a pupil in standard 1,2 and 3.  The other school room cum scout den was added after I went off to boarding school, servicing the by then four teacher school and, accordingly, the scouts needed a new home.

Scouting flourished and after many hours of local donated time running bottle drives, wool  drives, selling firewood, and the odd market day, a Scout Den was built at no cost to Scouting New Zealand.    It was insured and maintained over the next 60 years entirely from local support until that tumultuous day, 2016 14th November 0002 hours, when possibly the most complex seismic event to shake the bejesus out of a sparsely populated area of North Canterbury, occurred.

Well, that little scout den was "red stickered" and an insurance payout of in excess of $120 000 was  available.

But to whom?

Someone contacted Scouting NZ, by now a Wellington Corporate complete with a "CEO.
They claimed to have no record of the locally funded and resourced "DEN" in Waiau but this presented no problem for a now a big corporation with a rapacious need for money.  (CEOs do not come cheap or free,)  So, Scouting New Zealand put their grubby little big business hand out and collected the nice windfall insurance payout for a structure of which they had no knowledge and had cost them nothing while a group of locals, who never thought such grand theft could happen, stood by helpless and impotent.

After some argy bargy the munificence of SNZ was sufficiently moved for them to only steal the $100 000 from the crippled community and give them $20 000 of their own money "BACK".

Last night on "Fair Go" a spokesperson defending the indefensible claimed their responsibility did not alas, allow any feelings of redress of what might have been a good thing to do for a crippled community watching the accumulated value of their many donated hours and money raised from many of limited means stolen.

SNZ had to be there for the thousands of youth in need now but not, apparently for the youth of Waiau.

Accepting Godwins Law, Herr Goebbels would have been proud of her, tell lies often enough and they become the truth.


The Veteran said...

Sorry GD ... You've lost me a bit on this one. You said the building was maintained and insured by locals. They have to be the beneficiaries of any payout, How did Scouting NZ become involved?

Pieces of the jigsaw missing.

Snowflake said...

Yeah, just like Hitler.

The Veteran said...

Mr Flake clearly on the (cheap) sherry with his comment. WTF has Hitler got to do with this?

FYI ... Hitler banned scouting in Germany.

Snowflake said...

Dunno. Ask Gravetodger as brought up Goebbels, old fella. Although I forgive you for failing to reach the end of his pointless, illogical and ill-informed rant.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Is it possible they naively nominated Scouting NZ as the beneficiary of the insurance policy?Further information would be helpful. Like a copy of the policy document.

Lolitas brother said...

Whatever, the money belongs in Waiau community, as was the obvious point of the article.
I see we have a mindless necrotcc brained Snowflake to contend with as well as poor old Egg and David. OK sicklings, over here sickilings : I prefer Girl Scouts, chase that.

David said...

FYI ... Hitler banned scouting in Germany.

Citation please.

AFAIR, most BS Units were converted to Hitler Youth, but some remained Scouts.

Snowflake, 3 thumbs up.

Adolf, don't know about NZ, but in Oz all assets are maintained and operated by the local Troop, under direction of its Group Leader, but the ownership vests in the National Body.

-Yes, once was Venturer Leader, made lots of little commies out of them. :-) -

The Veteran said...

David ... Wiki records that starting in 1934 the BS were progressively absorbed in to the Hitler Youth. It also records that scouting was reestablished in 1945 in West Germany but remained banned in East Germany.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Veteran, if you claim the sun rises in the morning, David will demand a citation.

BTW, his ABC cameraman doesn't seem to be doing to well trying to get a visa for Nauru.

David said...

Adolt, if it were you claiming the sun would rise, yes, I would ask for a citation.

My Q to Veteran was quite serious; I have read 10-15 books so far this year re WW1 and Europe's subsequent descent in to darkness. I am sure it was one of those that recorded the takeover of BS by HY, but also that it wasn't a total takeover, that some Scout Troops remained.

Just to help you out, Adolt.