Wednesday, July 11, 2018


How is it that some small fundamentalist 'Christian' sects (no, I didn't say sex) like the Jehovah Witness and Exclusive Brethren fell a need to surround their places of worship with high fences and locked gates?

Is it to keep the infidels out or the adherents wanting to get out, in ... just askin.

Word to the wise.  Whenever a JW posse turns up at our door I make it clear that I'm a devout .... but any neighhbour of mine giving me jip and I point 'them' in their direction telling them they had once expressed an interest in their religion and they gallop orf merrily into the sunset perhaps to be be savaged by said neighbours dog (where they have one) and don't return until a new generation of Witnesses venture into deep darkest P*****. 

Kills two birds with one stone.


Gerald said...

They are very clever. Bound to be a good reason.
No Customs Officer has ever picked one up with over the eligible amount at the border as they shift their "profits" around the world.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... ??????

Gerald said...

They transfer cash in and out of the country without tne need of a BCR.

Andrew said...

I enter into a discussion with them, playing one off against the other, and this has taken about an hour. They never return. Has worked in four different venues.