Saturday, June 16, 2018



Very different in fact.

A few weeks ago while shopping at Halswell New World,  a tray of mushrooms for a planned pizza were included and as per usual the Club Card was scanned during the checkout action.
That was all it took for a very revealing and somewhat surprising subsequent event that we were privileged to enjoy yesterday.

The  surprise followed when that routine retail process resulted in a phone call from a manager at Meadow Mushrooms owned by the Burdon  Family of Philip Burdon ex MP for Ilam,  inviting self and swmbo to visit the enterprise and enjoy a luncheon prepared and served by a local Christchurch Chef.

What a totally gob smacking day eventuated, beginning at 0900 hrs we first travelled to Greendale where in the middle of a dairy farm is situated the composting part of the operation.
Almost totally mechanised, wheat straw is turned into compost in three stages, one includes the addition of chicken manure and if necessary urea,  to then be trucked to the growing operations at Prebbleton and Wigram. Prebbleton is due to be decommissioned very soon with expansion of the Wigram plant. The last stage at Greendale includes addition of the mushroom spore and an additional food source for the resulting mushrooms to extend the harvest period.

Then returning to HQ at Wigram via a coffee break in Rolleston, we followed a large semi trailer of compost to the next stage at Wigram.

The compost arrives by semi trailer at the growing /harvesting sheds where the almost odourless compost including the mycelium already invading the mass is placed on metal trays with a covering of peat under the operation of three people again all automated,  placed in tunnel sheds at computer controlled temperatures where pickers, far and away the most labour intensive process will pick through three cycles lasting a couple of weeks. Then the mass of spent matter is sterilised before departing to a compost producer for sale to the public.

The old saying; fed on BS and kept in the dark still applies except the BS is Chicken Sh*t, The fruits either white or brown, double in size every few hours and the operation runs 364 days a year  producing several grades and product type.
Meadow is the largest producer by any measure in NZ with the entire hundreds of tonnes all  for domestic consumption.

The process is now based on a  Dutch process using turn key plant imported from that European country replacing wooden trays with greater labour and costs incurred being phased out.

Company CEO John,  joined us for a delicious lunch that demonstrated several ways to incorporate the product that we by then had a total awareness of how it gets to Market from the mycelium that totally invades the compost layer.

Thankyou Mark and Meadow for a wonderful informative and entertaining day,  the lunch was an unforgettable end to nearly five hours. The production figures, the almost odourless process under ongoing growth and renewal, providing jobs for so many and a product I will now regard with much more appreciation was all quite mind boggling.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps an easily boggled mind?

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

At least he has one, Ledgut.

gravedodger said...

You seem to have a charity deficit Mr But, I wonder why you bother your eliteist, smug superior self, in reading my posts, which apparently you waste your precious time doing.
Doesn't pulling wings off flies also appeal. If that is a go try only pulling them off only one side, same effect on flight but likely more entertaining for someone clearly as warped as yourself.

Then it might just be an active bullying gene at play.

During the closing decades of the last century we used to collect the spent growing medium from Parkvale Mushrooms near Carterton, where Clive still produces ony the Brown variety, by the truckload for garden compost.
Comparing the two processes on Friday was truly awesome while admittedly two decades have passed.

Of course a bitter small minded person who believes milk is produced in Plastic bottles and meat grows on chilled shelves in a supermarket having an advanced modern plant producing such volumes of mushrooms would never trigger any inquiry in a thinly disguised, almost functioning mind obsessed with negativity and mindless silliness.

My lifestyle choices would be enhanced exponentially if you, Mr But, could indulge in fornication and travel, preferably as far away as possible.
You never contribute anything of note to the subjects I muse on but negativity comes in volumes similar to that which Meadow produce every day except Christmas Day, grown in wheatstraw and chicken shit.

Yes I could consign your inanity to oblivion but I just cant be arsed so ignore is my first preference.

Lolitas brother said...

Poor old egg, his lone voyages have damaged him, not as much as David though.