Thursday, June 21, 2018


Newly confirmed US Sec State, Mike Pompeo has acted after a one year notice to reform or we are gone, from the totally corrupt anti Semitic and utterly biased UN Human Rights Council.

A bunch of ideologues who have managed to lambaste the one single functioning democracy in the Middle East, Israel, 78 times, more than all other states investigated when  totaled since the sinecure was established in 2004

The Charade of 47 countries that include currently such pillars of freedom and universal rights for all their citizens; Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Venezuela, Somalia, China, South Africa amidst a plethora of states who are basically nonentities or have a serious deficit in their notions around the rights for humans of any status within their jurisdiction, were given the farewell salute from  US UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

What a shame, nay eternal shame, no other nation member of the increasingly self destructing monument to inertia, has the cojones to even say about time.

There were warnings aplenty so it was not a moment of chagrin over the interference in US Domestic Immigration affairs, this was a well signalled statement that the affront to decency and fairness was ended as regards participation for The US.

I will say well past about time.
However the locusts feeding at the food stores of do goodism will not see why it occurred this way as they travel merrily on the path to ignorance paved with arrogance and smugness, fiddling while Rome burns.

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