Thursday, June 21, 2018


F D Roosevelt took the US into WW2 after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour and by the end of that conflict the US had the worlds leading economy by any measure.

Presiding over a world almost totally destroyed economically, The Marshall Plan named after the Chief of  Defence staff under Roosevelt who went on to become the post war US  Secretary of State,  was instituted to restore the free economies of the wartorn nations as a bulwark against communism under the leadership of Stalin the USSR dictator as the "Iron Curtain" descended.

From then on the US was every country's Benevolent Grandad funding states of all colours and ending up on the wrong side of any balance of payments.
Trump for all his faults wants that fact of history redressed, while the Chicoms and a resurgent Putin of Russia are happy to see an ever more economically vulnerable US "White Anted".
The list of nations and political groupings who seem content to watch with considerable disinterest as the economic wars continue. Canada, Europe Japan the UK, and even India need to take a deep breath as waiting for the wolf to eat others hoping to be spared until last wont work, they will still be eaten eventually.
They need to show some solidarity with what Trump is attempting before it is too late.

It is bloody scary as history records many instances of trade wars ending badly, particularly for democracies where the people fail to grasp what is really happening while totalitarian or historical monarchies with unrestrained power continue to take advantage. Yes Trump is in a high stakes game but any delaying in taking a stand is only going to get harder.
China, under its still dominant one party state system wont bat an eyelid as its people's standards of living plunge,  as it will merely be regarded as collateral damage  while the democratic foundations of the US will come under serious political pressure in just over two years time.
The North Korean state is a glaring example of what a dictatorship can inflict on its people, the jury is still out as to whether Trump convinced Kim jong-un  there is a better way if he will only see.
 If Rocket man can be convinced, the people of the north might well regard him with genuine affection for making North Korea great, without the need for a massive Military to enforce such adulation.

You see for decades I never thought I would live to see Mr Gorbachev tear down that wall.
Trump's wall is a direct opposite to Honecker's effort that was built to keep his oppressed people from escaping, Trump's is to prevent the US being overwhelmed.

Haters will hate I guess.

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