Monday, June 4, 2018


I have no great wish to comment on the Queen's Birthday Honours List here except to say I hold strongly to the view that, as a general rule (there will be exceptions), Members of Parliament should not receive honours for doing what they were paid to do.

The only exceptions I would make to that would be Prime Ministers and Speakers but only after they have left office.

The practice of awarding honours to ex cabinet ministers leaves me cold.   On their appointment to ministerial rank they receive the honorific 'The Honourable' which they retain on their resignation/retirement from office (subject to the Prime Minister's agreement which is seldom refused).   That surely is recognition enough.


Anonymous said...

I'm always perplexed that Bravery Awards are on the bottom of the list.

The Veteran said...

Anon ... a little more complicated than that. Our top two awards ... the Victoria Cross for New Zealand and the New Zealand Cross take precedence over all other awards.

Next in the order of precedence are those honours designated as 'Orders'. Included in that list is the New Zealand Order of Merit (five grades); the Queens Service Order and the Queens Service Medal as well as the New Zealand Gallantry Star and the New Zealand Bravery Star; the top awards for gallantry and bravery after the Victoria Cross and the New Zealand Cross. Those latter two awards rank just below the award of Companion of the New Zealand order of Merit.

A rank below those designated as Orders comes Decorations. That list is headed by the New Zealand Gallantry Decoration and the New Zealand Bravery Decoration.

Last in the order of precedence comes Medals for Gallantry and Bravery. That list includes the New Zealand Gallantry Medal and the New Zealand Bravery Medal.

Gallantry awards are associated with active service and are limited to serving military personnel. Bravery awards are for peace time service and can be made to both military and non military personnel.

Hope that helps.

David said...

...Members of Parliament should not receive honours for doing what they were paid to do.

I think you could extend that to just about any paid profession.

The Veteran said...

David ... possibly but parliamentarians especially as they manage the process.

Andrei said...

When the award at the top of the list is "For services to the rights of sex workers." it becomes very hard to take any of this seriously.

I know people I hold in respect none of whom are likely to get "Honours" on any Government list but their contribution to the well being of our society is here I bite my tongue in the age of perpetual outrage lest any sensitive petals take offense

Anyway New Zealand circa 2018 can be more absurd than anything ever dreamed up in a Monty Python sketch

paul scott said...

How would you go Andrei with > Services to paralympic Maori sex workers, open all hours for service. complete sham

David said...

Catherine Healy has done more good in the world that Andrei, Paul Scott, and Lolita's brother combined. She has worked hard for the downtrodden, the marginalised, the stigmatised, just like that Jesus bloke you lot bang on about.

Andrei said...

Watch and Learn David

Psycho Milt said...

I watched, and learned several things:
1. That story was batshit crazy.
2. Apparently, religious delusion prompted a poor woman to leave her life behind and spend 47 years in the desert as a hermit, until she died.
3. That is the uplifting message that religion has to offer women who enjoy sex.