Wednesday, June 6, 2018


for your decision to repeal the '3 Strikes' law; to amend the sentencing laws to keep criminals out of prison and to make it easier for those charged with serious offences to get bail.   You have handed National a loaded blunderbuss with spare ammunition to burn ... your reward will be in the 2020 election result.

Clearly you have been led by the nose by Kelvin Davis, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and crim hugger extraordinaire, who in turn has been seduced by the Kim Workmans of this world whose mantra is that 'prisons aren't full of bad people, rather they're full of good people who have done bad things'.   Such an utopian view of Her Majesty's Guests ignores the simple reality that, on average, a person must have committed eleven offences before being incarcerated while the average person serving jail time has over forty convictions.

These changes will see dangerous criminals like Hugh Tareha, currently serving a second strike sentence of twelve years and nine months imprisonment without parole for bashing and sexually assaulting a 87 YO grandmother in her home, eligible for early release in just eight months time, well ahead of his scheduled July 2026 release date.    Thank you girls.

I can't believe this mob are so out of touch with reality as to propose such changes.   Yes, New Zealand has a high rate of prison incarceration but if that's what's needed to keep bad people off the streets then that's the price I'm willing to pay.

The ever diminishing ranks of Winston First supporters will feel doubly betrayed while the so called 'Waitakere Man' part of Labour's missing million will be shaking his head in disbelief.


Anonymous said...

The Veteran said...

Anon 4.52 ... I can only ask, nay plead with you to keep defending this decision of your political masters. Your reward will be what is due to you in spades.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Anon, Thanks for the link.
It seems most of the argument put is that 3s isn't working because first strikes (and the type of convictions that incur them) are still happening. Maybe even increasing he says.
First strikers are not deterred because it isn't till they get to prison that they get exposed to prison vernacular and consciousness about the three strikes system. And, don't doubt it, prisoners are aware of it.

Psycho Milt said...

Meh. National's been generating political capital from "Lock 'em up and throw away the key" since forever. It's always been up to the left parties to take a non-hysterical approach to dealing with crime, and now's no different. If you're thinking this latest iteration of "they're soft on crims" will be some kind of superweapon to use against the government, best think again.

Gerald said...

Yawn I've told you before I treat all trough feeders the same.

Want to bet if mad John remains in prison when the legislation is repealed?

Paranormal said...

Bollocks PM. If Liarbour wanted to reduce the prison muster they would be doing things like improving school results for the lowest performers.

Here's a hint - canning Charter Schools is not that.

Lolitas brother said...

I would personally take the rap for hanging WRP upside down on from a fencepost and skinning the dried out remains.