Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Might be what Trump needs to employ!!

Gelignite linked with cordtex digs a drain faster than any alternative I have used.

The Democrats last gasp for the Mid terms later this year comes with their ignition of border control photo ops with a compliant media faking news around  a solution that has been lawful for years and using wailing children to create anti Trump  "News".
Through the years gone before it was the same but the media ignored it

Claiming twelve thousand children are in detention after being "ripped from the arms of their loving parents at the border, is a pile of porkies.

Children of criminals are taken into care when ever parents are  arrested as they have been for centuries and with illegal immigrants using their spawn and even borrowed ones on occasions since forever in illegal entry to the US, it is still the "Law".

Many of the children being held in temporary detention until immigrant status is discovered are turning up at the border  travelling alone with no parents to be seen.

We are so lucky we have a big moat.

Meanwhile congressional committees have made progress to unravel Deep States more egregious efforts to thwart the man the luvvies love to hate.
The Dept of Justice Inspector General has released the first installment of his inquiry into the DoJ and the FBI. Horowitz testimony to congress today was as much sad as revealing
The results are astounding and somewhat disquieting. Gone are the days when the incorruptible GMen were 'as solid as'.  There is no evidence so far that field offices and their legions of Agents are corrupt, it is  HQ where under the oversight of DoJ, the top people are being discovered to have feet of Clay.
Such irregularities as falsifying FISA warrant applications to spy on US citizens were achieved on dodgy evidence, bought and paid for by  Clinton Campaign funds, allowing subsequent spying on Trump Towers.  Then an out of the  ordinary subsequent investigation by HQ as opposed to the relevant "Field Office", that investigation foundered early on when Comey McCabe and Strzok conspired to clear the very dodgy Democrat POTUS candidate  of clearly indictable offending while Sec State, weeks before she was asked to give her evidence in July to the cosy friendly HQ operatives.
Then as with most such offending, further crimes were perpetrated in a clumsy cover up that entirely depended on the success of Crooked Hillary at the polls,  for the mess of pottage to be finally buried but sadly the silly cow spent too much campaign effort in safe states like  New York, New Jersey and California (already locked in) while the wily Don went to places like Wisconsin that Clinton took for granted and Trump won.
Then the lid came off and excrement flew, slowly at first as all attempts to discover were thwarted by delay, obfuscation and at times lying, events are now accelerating and todays revelations  are shaking Washington to its foundations with several deep state operatives experiencing lower colon contractions.

Former FBI director James Comey fired by Trump is in the  deepest do does, with investigator Peter Stzrok and his lover, bureau lawyer Lisa Page not far behind. Assistant FBI Director Rozenstein and disgraced  Temporary Director Andrew McCabe,  appointed to replace fired Comey also have serious questions to answer.
Then even former National security director James Clapper and former CIA director John O Brennan, and ex FBI director now head of the witch hunt Russian Hoax, Meuller  all have an odour about them.
The unprecedented fervour of so many people who had inherited an aura of probity but have been exposed as fallible if not seriously compromised, in the conniptions that the election of the swamp drainer  engendered,  is almost beyond belief.
I am left with a feeling similar to that when first Lawyer and so far the only one, who successfully ripped me off followed in short order by a series of god like senior medical professionals who successively obstructed the discovery of a benign spinal tumour causing swmbo to progressively become paralyzed below L1 for a period of nearly two years.
Hence I trust very few.

Dear Hillary whose election was the insurance policy to provide cover and safety for  the rats nest of miscreants under the direct control of Obama holdover DoJ supremo Secretary Loretta Lynch who herself possibly first aroused suspicion of serious offending in an unannounced Tarmac meeting with Ex Potus William Jefferson Clinton at New Orleans airport at the time Benghazi, an out of office computor server, the activities of porn publisher Weiner partner of  Huma Abedin were titivating fringe media, months before the ultimate success of Trump finally lit the fuse.

The NZ news consumers relying on  Red Radio, Pravda TV and the pale failing  print media, all  sourcing their copy from CNN, CNBC, Wapo and the NY Times will never deliver any of this, so ignorance will continue. I have long lost count of questions; "where did you hear that".
Hannity, Ingle, Bier, Carlson and Co at the leading Cable news channel in the US, Fox News, have been all over this for months while almost all those I mix with socially have no idea, yet  they are really negative when Donald Trump comes up  in conversation due in large part to the constant stream of the banal from the "haters" in total denial of any contrary opinion or facts that don't fit their narrative.

US currency has "in god we trust" on it but I am now thinking of Whitlams rejoinder to Sir John Kerr after the latter gave the former a DCM,   you may well sing God save the Queen, Kerr will need more than that

The awesome place that Gmen enjoyed in the psyche of US citizens since the creation of the FBI nearly a century ago has suffered a serious blow, it is now badly tarnished. It will take an extraordinary effort by current director Christopher Wray to restore faith and trust.


Anonymous said...

Quite right Dodger, we should not be encouraged to take our input from multiple news sources or even do our own research. Just hardwire into Breibart and all the worlds problems will ease away.

Why don't you just move to Alabama then it wouldn't be quite so embarrassing supporting a man who is a danger to NZ and ALL third world economies. An isolationist US poses a huge danger to the worlds financial stability and you with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin revel in the bleak future of our youth.

Lord Egbut

Snowflake said...

Taking talking points straight from the wet dreams of Trump himself, I see. It turns out Trump was lying about this though, and has flip-flopped. Now spin some odd word salad around that, buddy.

David said...

I've read some shit before from the OAP from Akaroa, but Muzza, this one takes the cake for its blatant acceptance of lies, for its lack of humanity, and from bowing down to the most evil and corrupt POTUS in living memory.

I would say you disgust me, but that happened a long time ago.

Maybe one day you will experience just a small amount of the suffering The Orange Hitler is inflicting on children.

As Bob Dylan sang "Even Jesus would not forgive what you do".

David said...


"Even Jesus would never forgive what you do".

The Bunbury Baker said...

Its 3am, a car door slams, then another. A woman cries out in pain. She screams for help. She sees a light behind a curtain, runs toward that house, child tucked under one arm, another being dragged along. She pounds on the door, crying foe help.

Gravedodger drops the sherry bottle, kicks the dog away from the fire and opens the door.

"Please, please help me. He is going to kill me and my babies" the woman cries.

Gravedodger looks at her and the terrified children, he sees the man standing off in the shadows.

He slams the door in the woman's face, kicks the dog away from the fire, picks up the sherry bottle and settles back watching Der Sieg des Glaubens (with English sub titles).

Psycho Milt said...

So, given that separating children from their parents and putting them in concentration camps either isn't happening or is an important and vital measure for the protection of the United States, depending on which competing right-wing delusions are currently winning the wingnut headspace battle, what's your reaction to Trump first trying to claim it was the Democrats' idea, and now signing an executive order putting an end to it?