Sunday, June 10, 2018


St Jacinda, in a bout of self righteous indignation, called out Simon Bridges on his claim that the CoL had set up a total of 122 working groups, reviews, inquiries and investigations costing in excess of $114m since taking office.     'She' said the figure was only 36.

So, here's the list ... according to Ms Ardern only those highlighted can be classified as falling within the definition of working groups, reviews, inquiries and investigations.     It might be churlish to ask what the feeking hell are the rest then ... but I won't.

Instead I leave it up to you good folk to figure out whose telling fibs.

Reviews and working groups

Abortion law reform
AI action plan
Animal welfare hui
Auckland Housing Working Group
Bid to host International Working Group on Women in Sport
Broader Digital Economy and Inclusion Group
Building standards review
Charities Act review
Chief Technology Officer
Child Poverty Unit
Child Wellbeing Unit
Consulting on Govt approach to social investment
Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act review
Criminal Cases Review Commission
Criminal Justice Summit
Crown/Māori Relations hui
Dairy Industry Restructuring Act review
Defence Capability Plan review
Digital Economy and Inclusion Group
Dolphin Threat Management Plan review
Early Learning Strategic Plan Ministerial Advisory Group
Early Learning Strategic Plan Reference Group
Education sector group taskforce
Education Summit Advisory Group
EQC Independent Ministerial Advisor
EQC inquiry
Fair Pay Agreement team
Fair-pay working group
Family justice system reforms expert reference group
Family justice systems reform independent panel
Film Industry Working Group
Forestry advisory group
Freedom Camping Working Group
Funding review of risk-index
Future of Work Ministerial Group
Future Technology Leadership Group
Govt review to look at how to control prison population
Govt reviews six contracts for new charter schools
High country advisory group
Holidays Act task force
Home-based ECE review
Housing Stocktake Report
Human Rights Commission culture review
IGIS Reference Group
Independent Climate Commission
Independent Expert Advisory Panel Review of the Reserve Bank
Independent Fiscal Institution
Independent Insurance Tribunal
Independent panel on nurses pay
Inquiry into fuel pipe outage
Inquiry into Operation Burnham
Institute of Small Business
Insurance law review
Interim Climate Change Committee
Internal review into Renew Energy waste-to-energy scheme
Investigation in Waikato DHB CEO Nigel Murray
Investigation into boosting trans-Tasman business and exports
Investigation into Filipino builders
Investigation into NZDF water contamination
Irrigation funding review
Joint Working Group on Pay Equity Principles Reconvened
Just Transitions Summit
Just Transitions Unit
Kauri dieback programme review
KiwiFund Bill
Legal Aid review
Local Government funding inquiry
Local Government Road Safety Summit
Mental Health inquiry
Meth testing review
Ministerial Advisory Group established for Health
Monetary Policy Decisions Committee
National Bowel Screening Programme
NCEA Review
New central agent to lead national family and sexual violence strategy
New infrastructure agency
NZ Business Performance Panel
NZ foreign aid spending review
NZ Racing review
Paid Parental Leave review
Pike River Recovery Agency
Power price review
Primary Growth Partnership review
Primary Sector Council
Progressive and inclusive Trade for All Agenda
Provincial Growth Fund Panel
Public Media Advisory Group
Public Media Funding Commission
Refresh of the Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plan
Residential Tenancies Act review
Review into how Australia and New Zealand can work together digitally
Review into ITP sector
Review of Christchurch Regeneration Anchor projects
Review of culture at MSD
Review of entrepreneur work visas
Review of Malborough schools co-location
Review of the Funded Family Care policy
Review of the Government's use of algorithms
Review of the health system
Review of TIF criteria
Review of Tomorrow's Schools
Review of Working for Families
RMA oversight unit
Royal Commission of Inquiry into historical abuse in state care
Secret ACC review
Stocktake of ethnic diversity on public sector boards
Study to measure in-work poverty
Taskforce on plastic waste
Tax Working Group
Three-way forum on Future of Work
Tobacco tax review
Upper North Island Supply Chain Strategy working group
Vehicle recall monitoring group
Waste Minimisation Act review
Water review
Welfare Expert Advisory Group
Whistleblowing law review
Whānau Ora Review Panel
Wider review of the RMA
World Digital Rights Working Group
Youth Advisory Group


Anonymous said...

Just picked one at random ..child poverty unit. It is neither a working group or a review. Life's to short to do pedantic stuff and besides they were elected to govern so let 'em get on with it.

Just to put your mind at rest your concern about the Danish wisdom in banning the burqa. Morroco, a Muslim country, did it in early 2017.........the sky remains in place.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

au contraire ... the Child Poverty Unit is a new unit set up as part of DPMC to assist the PM in Child Poverty Reduction ... just another quango.

Let's take another one ... welcome hearing from her how/why the say 'The North Island Supply Chain Strategy Working Group' is not a working group when it's called just that.

This mob ain't governing. They've abrogated that task to working groups et al.

Judge Holden said...

You don’t know what a quango is do you chief?

Undoing the mess the previous government’s clusterfucks takes some effort, but most of that list is core public sector work being undertaken by the core public sector, so as usual the Nats are bullshitting.

The Veteran said...

Mr Holden ... these are all NEW initiatives. I can understand your/her agitation on being caught out in a lie. But keep on keeping on arguing that the North island Supply Chain Working Group ain't a Working Group because it just makes you look foolish.

p.s. Hate to disappoint you old son but I have been appointed to quangos by successive National then Labour and National governments again.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I don't think Judge would even know what a Holden was, let alone a quango.