Saturday, June 30, 2018


Media commentators have observed that it was not a good week for 'our Winnie'.     Clearly he is frustrated by the prospective of wide spread strike action in the offing.    Hells bells man ... you got into bed with Labour; the unions are Labour's paymasters; they're  flexing their muscles and queuing up for their dividend ... couldn't you see that happening?   NZ First got their payoff from the fishing and racing industries.   Labour's masters are now extracting their own pound of flesh.   You sleep with dogs and you get fleas.  

But all that aside and one would have expected the Acting PM to be up to speed with his government's winter power subsidy for seniors.   Far from it.   He wasn't sure on much of the detail including the procedure for opting out of the payment and, when pressed about whether he would be exercising his right to do so, cried poor because of his extensive legal bills so much so that he made it a fetish to ensure every light in his places(s) was turned off when not needed so as to reduce the cost of power.    Winnie ... doing hubris and cant.

FFS ... here's a man receiving the Deputy Prime-Minister's salary of $334,734 plus an expense allowance of $16,980.    In addition and as a Minister he has a self drive vehicle garaged at his Auckland residence  plus access to a ministerial car and driver when on official duty.   In Wellington he enjoys a ministerial home with all services (including electricity) paid for by the taxpayer.   Further, he receives a parliamentary pension for his 24 years of service between 1984 and 2011 when he lost his seat.   A quick calculation suggests that pension to be in the order of $60,000+/- tax free.   Then of course there is his NZ superannuation (now at the correct rate) of $16,035.   

But Winnie is an honorable man.   We must believe his ascertain that despite an annual income of at least $427,749 he remains poor ... so, all donations gratefully received.

Perhaps if he stopped being so litigious ......

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