Saturday, June 23, 2018


On a day when we could be marking the passing of a colossus of conservative media in the land of the free,  the pathetic and inane NZ media continues with saturation news about one of twenty babies born in Auckland Hospital a day later.

Charles Krauthammer was real refugee stock, born in the US in the early 1950s to his Orthodox Jewish Parents,  Father from Ukraine and Mother from Belgium who had fled  a Europe that harboured serious anti Semitic attitudes.

Born in New York he was moved to Canada at age five and went on to McGill University graduating  with honours in political science and economics, moved on to a time at Baliol Oxford before returning to Harvard Medical school where his studies were interrupted when a diving board accident severely damaged  his  spinal cord at C6 leaving him wheelchair bound for his remaining years.
Going on to successfully complete his medical degree he ended in the specialty of Psychiatry where he made a mark with ground breaking work in Bipolar disorder diagnosis.

A long time Democrat he saw the light and moved to the center of the  spectrum. He began  a career in writing, beginning at Time Magazine when that child of  Henry Luce actually stood out as a record of history. Moi subscribed for some years after the second Kennedy killing to try and make some sense of what by then had approached an epidemic with assassinations and failed attempts included JFK, M L King, Robert K a failed hit on George Wallace among them.
Of course history records,  'Time" is now just another marker along the highway of failing  print media heading to the abyss.
I digress, many other accolades and awards followed for Charles including a Pulitzer Prize.
He created another personal marker with his labelling the Reagan stand against the failing USSR and its satellites "The Reagan Doctrine"

Recently Charles has been a fixture for reasoned comment and analysis for the number one US cable news outlet Fox News.

His passing from small intestine cancer came obscenely quick and he leaves a gaping hole in the ranks of the right of center opinion and understanding in a US MSM pool that even  with a towering intellect such as  Charles Krauthammer as an industry  standard,  refuses to see anything of the betrayal of the once lofty heights of probity and truth now abandoned in the race to the cellar, acknowledging nothing of its failing, biased, daily infotainment currently obsessed with the  Trump derangement syndrome.

RIP Charles Krauthammer 13th March 1950 -- 21st June 2018.


The Veteran said...

GD ... good post. I was always impressed by his reasoned and insightful comment. I put him on a par with Nick Robinson, senior BBC political editor.

No commentator in NZL comes close although, if you edit out his obvious bias, you would have to acknowledge Chris Trotter as a thoughtful contributor

Snowflake said...

Jesus, you can’t even do a simple obit for an obscure US talking head without expressing your all-consuming hatred. Sucks to be you, I guess.

The Veteran said...

Gueez Flake ... you inability to recognise good when you see it defines you.

'Obscure (Pulitzer Prize) US taking head' if you please and we won't mention his appointment as Director of Psychiatric Research for the Carter administration nor his work as a speechwriter for Vice President Mondale (both Democrats) either.

What is it about him that gets to you? His unflinching support for Israel; his equally unflinching opposition to capital punishment or was it his refusal to vote for Donald Trump or the grounds that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government.

Methinks you exhibit the 'small mans syndrome' in respect of intellect. His big ... yours small and not much class either.

gravedodger said...

If Krauthammer was obscure you and your worthless opinion is invisible, only clue to its unlikely existence in your tiny mind, flake.

Maybe do some research eh.

Oh and I note even Stuff has got down to the truth that the little girl shamelesly exploited by Time Magazine on its cover was only put down for two minutes while her mother was patted down and the father was present the whole time.

The gormless and the gullible taken in since forever.

Psycho Milt said...

Oh and I note even Stuff has got down to the truth that the little girl shamelesly exploited by Time Magazine on its cover was only put down for two minutes while her mother was patted down and the father was present the whole time.

If Stuff's only just discovered that subeditors use photos that look like the illustrate the story without much concern for whether they actually illustrate it or not, you have to wonder how all those photos have been getting onto their web site all these years.

Many of the photos used to illustrate books or articles about the Holocaust don't actually depict what the book or article is describing - do you consider that to be evidence the Holocaust didn't happen?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, you'll have to do better than that pathetic excuse.

Noel said...
So CNN and Washington Post carry the story without reference to separation.
Then an extreme right publication embellishes it and it grows from there.
What would that be? Claim of Non fake news on MSM to fake news. That's a change.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, reminds me of a certain photo of a soldier on the cover of a NZ book extolling the "everlasting horrors" of Agent Orange.......he was killed in motor accident 1974.

Lord Egbut

paul scott said...

Finally Emperor Trump has taken the gloves off to label the media bread and circuses trash for idiots saying
[our media ] is the enemy of the people yes it is,
Over at > Sultan Knish < Daniel Greenfield delivers some home truths
This is that most illegals are cum and filth who are invading the USA right down to the planted child on front of the Time magazine.
In the comments on Greenfield's article a reader alerts us to previous times of honesty within journalism : and examples of credible reporters, people like Krauthammer and Edward R. Murrow.

paul scott said...

I never read the drivel from soft egg or Psycho David, so if they ever write anything worth reading, I rely on a real person to alert me.

Snowflake said...

Interesting, so Trump did not have a policy of separating children from their parents because um, photo or something. Why did Trump claim to reverse it then?

Krauthammer was an obscure US talking head. That’s simply a matter of fact. Just because he was an arch conservative, over whom you guys regularly salivate, cannot undo that fact. It’s little wonder this death wasn’t covered extensively in the NZ media, and the PM having a baby was. Grow up, losers.

gravedodger said...

Fullafake before you offer any further evidence you have donated your mind to science to make a void of the space normally reserved for a brain. Evidence that only reveals your total disconnect with reallity, go and do some research.

"Arch conservative" is so wrong on so many fronts. He equally abhored extremes of both left and right, unlike the writer of the tosh above who is tribal left to the degree he is blinded to anything of value someone proposes whatever their personal political PoV.

You Fullafake, are a constant reminder of the increasing intollerance of the strident left who abandon civilised debate and support mob rule. Nowhere better illustrated than the shameful public attack on Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen excoriated for eating at a border eatery while investigating what was actually happening in border security on the ground. A mob violence effort that the insane left perpetrated on someone trying to better understand the background and the moronic mob were opposed to her eating a meal. Oh thats right it was Mexican fare.
Now that is real wrong eh

A massive irony, people quicker than mercury to oppose any stance they disagree with using zero reference to its validity, then use mob violence to attempt to satisfy their political aims.
How is it then that talking in a civilised manner that could be tried is abandoned for a mob riot, could it be the basis of their opposition wont cut the mustard in any exchange of views.

Charkles Krauthammer:
Was a member of the Carter administration,
A speach writer for Mondale,
Won his Pulitzer for columns at The Washington Post,
His weekly columns were syndicated to over 400 publications,
During a 2010 News conference he was reminded former POTUS Clinton had described him as a "Brilliant man "to which Charles responded, "My career is ruined I am toast".
A mman with a string of marks of recognition and awards that came to him from across the spectrum

I suppose if you live in a world that denies the incompetencee of Obama and the narrow escape Killary"s defeat perpetrated then hatred of the mans memory will sustain your stupidity and demonstrable ignorance.

Snowflake said...

The Mexican restaurant Nielsen was eating at was in Washington DC, old fella, so your claim she was investigating the calamity her department and President had created on the ground is more fake news.

Krauthammer was an arch conservative talking head from the US, and an obscure one at that. That’s the only reason you know his name, not because he wrote speeches for Walter Mondale FFS. He’s unknown in NZ which is why his death goes unreported. Why is that so challenging for you to understand?

And it’s exceedingly funny that you claim Obama was incompetent when you look at the psychotic orange fool you now shill for.

The Veteran said...

Flake ... truth be known that ‘fact’ and you are mutually exclusive matched only by your churlishness evidenced in your posts about Krauthammer.

Ok, his death went unreported in the NZL media totally obsessed about an event that happens many times, every hour, every day in NZL.

Neither did they report the death of Ian Aitken, doyen of left wing journalism in the UK and well respected political editor of the Guardian.

Your point being ......?

You label me a loser. I respect the comments of PM and Egbut even though we may agree to disagree for tHey are honourable men. You’re not. You’re consumed by hate and that makes you the real loser.

David said...

The Mexican restaurant Nielsen was eating at was in Washington DC, old fella,

Not so. The Little Red Hen is in Lexington, VA.

Krauthammer was an arch conservative talking head from the US, and an obscure one at that.

Conservative, yes. Obscure? no.

Krauthammer, IMHO, was a bit too conservative for my tastes, but not everything he wrote or said was from a right wing ideological viewpoint. He was on the money on some things.

I have just pulled down my copy of "Things That Matter", a collection of his writing. It may not harm you to dip in to it as well.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Here I am agreeing with David.

1 Snowflake is an idiot.

2 A cursory look at his bio reveals Charles Krauthammer had a foot in both the Democrat and Republican camps.

3 Conservative? Yes BUT he was not slow to criticise Rebublicans when he felt criticism was due. The state of the Democrat party today is such that it should be no surprise he had little good to say about it. Roosevelt and Truman must be turning in their graves.

4 Respected by conservatives? Yes, yes and yes.

The Veteran said...

David ... thank you for your reasoned post. As for Mr Flake calling GD ‘old fella’ and that kinda suggests ageism ... and this from someone who presents as a wet behind the ears callow youff on a good day and an arsehole on all others.

Snowflake said...

David, the Little Red Hen was the place Huckabee-Sanders got kicked out of. Nielsen was in DC.

He was as obscure in NZ as any US talking head. George Will, for example, is not well known here either. For that matter, neither in Andrew Bolt. And that’s my point; Gravetodger got all upset and bitter because the NZ news media covered the PM having a baby and not Krauthammer’s death. Well duh. Vet got all angry and nasty though so that’s a win.