Saturday, June 9, 2018


Only the Preliminary Count but a pretty ho hum result.   National's Dan Bidois took the seat winning 50.98% of the candidate vote.   That compares favorably with Jonathon Coleman's 51.5% result back in September last especially given the fact that a long serving MP can usually expect to attract up to an additional 5% as their  personal vote.   I would expect Bidois' % to increase slightly when the special votes are counted.

Labour polled 43.9% up from their 34.7% eight months ago.    They would have garnered votes from their CoL partner parties with tactical voting by the Greens who dropped from 6.6% to just 2.9% and by votes from Winston First who wimped out and did not stand a candidate and also by some good old fashioned gerrymandering in having Labour voters switch from the Maori Roll onto the General Roll for the by-election.

All reports have it that Bidois is a personable candidate who out performed his rivals on the hustings.

p.s.  Well done the ABs helped by some below par refereeing.


Anonymous said...

on the rugby theme........The England/SA match is a stonker and a must watch. History being made with SA's first black captain overturning a deficit of 21 points and winning a 10 try match.......luv to have heard the half time gee up talk.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

A candidate forfeits their deposit if he/she fails to score 5% of the votes cast. In Northcote six candidates (including the Green Party candidate) failed that hurdle.

A by-elections are supposed to cost upwards of $500,000 but the $1,500 forfeited is hardly a drop in the bucket.

The deposit is intended to discourage frivolous candidates. I guess frivolous is in the eye of the beholder but you would be hard pressed to argue that Liam Walsh who stood under the NAP (whatever that means) banner and polled just five votes was anything but a frivolous candidate.