Thursday, June 21, 2018


If I were a generous cove I'd cut Kelvin Davis some slack on the basis that he's still finding his feet as a Minister of the Crown ... but I'm not so I won't.

Many would have it that he got appointed as the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party as a sop to Maori.   One thing for certain ... he certainly didn't get it on ability because his performance in the House characterised by his inability to answer questions and a tendancy to take refuge in pigeon Maori when under pressure has been sufficient for him to be ordered into the witless protection program while his failure as Minister of Corrections to get to grips with his portfolio has become an embarrassment to his colleagues.

Judith Collins introduced double bunking in prisons and week after week Labour, led by Davis, railed against that as inhuman.   One might reasonably be forgiven for assuming that double bunking was a no no for that Party.    Then last week came the grand announcement by Davis of a rebuild for Waikeria Prison as an alternative to the proposed new 'super-max' facility favoured by National.    But hold on, under questioning Davis was forced to reveal that double bunking was a feature of the rebuild ... now, some commentators, less kind than I, have suggested a certain hypocrisy by Davis given his track record of opposition to double bunking ... but far be it for me to comment on that.

It  got worse however ... under further questioning Davis was forced to admit there existed contingency plans for prisoners to sleep on the floor in prison gymnasia should the muster fail to drop after proposed changes to the bail and sentencing laws come into effect.

Mr Davis is presiding over a clusterf**k all of his own making.    He may have been a moderately successful principal of a small intermediate school in Kaitaia but as a Minister with significant portfolio responsibilities he is clearly out of his depth.    Chances are he won't be improving with age much like a cask of cheap wine ... take the analogy further ... how long before his colleagues go sour on him? 

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