Thursday, June 7, 2018


I heard a whisper today of great angst in Fraser House over the fact the 'Maori Option 2018' was not working out to plan and that there was a possibility (only a possibility mind you) that the end of the exercise on 2 August could see the number of Maori seats reduced from seven to six.

So I went to the Electoral Commission website to check it out.   The Commission publishes monthly updates on the numbers.   They make interesting reading.   As at 30 May the net impact on the Maori Roll comprising Maori switching from the Maori Roll to the General Roll and vice versa along with new enrollments on the Maori Roll has the number of voters on the Maori Role decreasing by 1,426.   Whether that trend continues and whether the numbers will be sufficient to force a reduction in the number of Maori seats is moot but it is certainly an interesting development.

If I were in the mood to speculate on the reasons for the decline I would come up with three ...

#1    Increasing numbers of Maoridom prefer to identify themselves as New Zealanders and reject the need for separate Maori seats.
#2    Increasing numbers of Maori on the Maori Roll have woken up to how shit useless their MPs are being treated as voting cannon fodder by Labour and fed scraps. 
#3    We know that Labour is attempting to gerrymander the Northcote by-election result by encouraging Maori voters on the Maori Roll in that electorate to switch to the General Roll for the by-election (and switch back after Saturday).

... but I'm not in the mood to do that so I won't.  

But just imagine the cat fight among Maori MPs if suddenly one of them wound up having their electorate disappear into electoral cyber space.



Lolitas brother said...

I hate to mention this, but the tenndency was noticed by WRP Himself, and was part of the reason for his back down on the referendum. A natural attrition will not attract violent or hysterical reaction from the pussy left and mush heads. paul scott

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Pray tell, vet, is there not some mandatory period during which one cannot 'change back?'

If not, then it's wide open to rorting, labor's specialty No 2, after lying, specialty No 1.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... after 2 August you cannot change. Up until then you can.

The Veteran said...

Lolitas Brother ... the Maori Electoral Option opened on 3 April 2018 and closes on 2 August 2018 while WRP made 'his' decision to back down on the referendum back in October 2017 ... 6 months earlier.

Post politics and clearly 'he' has a bright future as a tarrot card reader.

Your belief in him is touching.

Richard Whittington said...

Reason # 4. Increasing numbers of centre/centre-right voters realise their electoral vote is wasted, and 'their MP' is basically incompetent (yes, that's you Kelvin). These voters are moving to vote in an electorate where their local MP makes some effort to connect with them and help, without patronising them.

Tui said...

After being on the Maori roll for several elections, I have changed back to the general roll.

Why? Several reasons, no Maori Party in this current parliament, all Maori M.P.’s are Labour who achieve next to nothing, my Labour M.P. was invisible during the last election campaign, he also never replied to a question sent by email, and the most important reason is none of the current lot are inspirational or leadership material.