Friday, June 22, 2018

Mundanities of everyday life

I don't really have anything to post, I just wanted to have this photo on the blog. Also: good luck getting any traction in the media for the next little while, National!


Andrei said...

She is setting a terrible example to young women

Unmarried and putting career before family

It is all well and good for a highly renumerated woman who can afford nannies and child care to undertake the responsibilities of motherhood for her to show her super woman powers

It is a far different proposition for the women condemned to gut fish in canneries in order to make ends meet to balance the tasks of motherhood and "career" and it is these women who our illustrious PM is dumping on.

150 years ago it was considered a social advance to get women out of the mines and have their husbands support them while they raised their children - today it is considered advanced for a woman not to have a husband at all and be back slaving in the pit as soon as possible after giving birth

The Veteran said...

It would be churlish indeed not to welcome baby Arden/Gayford into this world. Welcome little one.

For PM ... you may or may not be correct although I see the nice Mr Parker is trying to prove you wrong with the allegations of cronyism swirling around him ... and he is one of ‘your’ better ministers.

Psycho Milt said...

Andrei: Ardern herself has said the reason she can do this is that being PM comes with a large support staff, so she's unusualy privileged and people shouldn't make her out to be some kind of superwoman. It's therefore wrong to imply that she's presenting herself as some kind of superwoman or "dumping on" women who don't have a large support staff.

David said...

Well done to the Kiwi PM.

Good on her for not being married, a ceremony in which the ownership of a woman (who gives this woman?) is passed from father to husband. A ceremony in which the bride is veiled in memory of all the forced marriages when a couple saw each other for the first time after their "wedding vows", vows that placed the woman at a disadvantage.

Good on her for showing that women can be parent and have a career, something that was formerly reserved foe men, men who were less parent and more sperm donor.

I feel for the women Andrei has condemned to life in a cannery because their upbringing closed off their choices. Men like Andrei see no need in educating women beyond household chores, they are simply tools to be used for breeding - like Princess Dianna but without the pomp. The only person dumping on these women is the woman hating, Putin fantasist, Andrei.

Only the second elected leader to give birth while in office. The first a Muslim, the second a Freethinker. Christian women are still locked out from a full life.

gravedodger said...

Sadly you are correct but not necessarily right Milt as the shallow as a carpark puddle in high summer MSM fail to do what many regard as the duty of "The Forth Estate" as alluded to in The Veteran's comment.

I am glad a safe and healthy delivery was the outcome and I equally hope for the other nearly two dozen births at Auckland Hospital yesterday.

Psycho Milt said...

It didn't do any better job when it spent nine years bombarding us with "just an average NZ bloke" stories about a multi-millionaire currency trader, so I won't complain if there's nine years of "credit to NZ womanhood" stories about a career politician.