Friday, June 22, 2018


Nice one Milt and to the eternal shame of a totally useless MSM you are correct, not right mind you.

David William Parker a current Minister with portfolio of responsibilities so dominant that people are reaching back beyond Stephen Joyce, Helen Clark and Bill Birch for someone with such dominance over productive NZ to when the megalomaniac Muldoon felt the need to hold Finance,  and the Office of Prime Minister in order to maintain his belief he was the only man capable.

While Muldoon was a bully and a megalomaniac he was, afaik without stain as to his probity. A sergeant in the NZ Div ironically serving under John Marshall, Rob was like Kirk before him a self made man who came from humble beginnings.
Mr Parker is also a bully, threatening a group of farmers at a public gathering questioning  a proposed water tax that they should shut up or he would double the rate.

Another serious 'coffee' stain on his CV resulted in his resigning from Cabinet after an acrimonious breakup of a business relationship with Russel Hyslop back in Dunedin where Hyslop alleged he, Parker, had filed unlawfully at the companies office. Allegations serious enough for his then boss, one H Clark to stand him down from the executive. Hyslop's allegations were eventually downgraded to "mistakes" and "errors" and Parker escaped sanction
Then this week while Milt's smokescreen clouds public scrutiny, a barely concealed further "error" became public knowledge when "Minister Parker's office" attempted to add a clause to a bill before the parliament to exempt a multi million development near Mangawhai heads involving American Billionaire Ric Kayne from having the multimillion rateable valued  sites exempted from the Bill before the House to control foreign buyers activities in the NZ real estate market.
It required an intervention from Speaker Mallard to send the bill back to select committee to have the blatant deal for mates expunged.

After years and much effort expended to smear  John Key because he could not have become comfortably wealthy by age 45 without being involved in shady dealings, and relentlessly pursuing an overweight regular user of Harewood airport for using an exit door denied to the public but used often by those familiar with shortcuts at the terminal building, the NZ voters will probably be denied any reference to "Bonnie's" latest flirtation with what most regard as very dodgy activities while Jacindamania rules.

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Paulus said...

This Ti Arai has legs with more to come. Parker is up to his armpits along with his mates as it looks like a real case requiring some oversight for what may be construed as Corruption.
It goes back some time and there are many facts coming to light but having babies will obfuscate it.
Parker is off to Europe in a couple days - whereas he should be stood down pending an enquiry.
But the COLL do not do such things as they are all sweet and like.