Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Why almost certainly oil based synthetic clothes of course.

There are a multitude of pseudo Melons protesting much of what modern society has developed and embraced as making for a safer higher standard of living while creating  greater time to enjoy what life offers.
Gone are the days when only the most wealthy could travel, indulge in leisure activities however pointless in the belief of others, enjoy good nutrition even when some of those sources involve claimed health threatening content and live in relative freedom from state sponsored interference.

Of course there are still thousands of people apparently so bored they need a stream of causes requiring protest, against things that others employ in a pursuit of happiness everyday.
Capitalism, largely imagined poverty arising from a perceived unfairness in wealth distribution while ignoring just who might have created that wealth, convenience from plastic packaging, cheap  or affordable apparel while totally ignoring the fact that almost all the fabrics are oil based in their creation, and now we are being fed a daily chorus of opposition against misnomered "One trip retail plastic  bags" to conveniently carry  purchases and convey them to a place of consumption.
Of course a high number of those so called one trip bags fulfill many second and even more uses before they are consigned to landfill.

Now there cant be many who on arriving home with  grocery items crammed into plastic lightweight bags don't find chicken and packaged red meats have leaked and sometimes even beyond the secondary one trip bags, so that is a reminder  of the serious probability of contracting  illness from bacterial  contamination from using the  reusable bags that might well serve repeated use sans any hygiene process.

That leads me to ask just where will the crusade against Plastic packaging  find its red line.
Will frozen vegetables be packaged in compostable bags?
Will meal portions of meat with the high potential for bacterial contamination be wrapped,  how?
What will the shelf life be for cereals and how long will such product be able to remain usable in a pantry, swmbo and self have problems now with biscuits and such consumable process food being used before they become soggy and flavour altered?
Many cleaning and other bathroom products are toxic to a greater or lesser degree, how will they be contained sans plastic?
Just consider how much weight will be increased when all are in glass? same for milk and cream?
Think for a moment about the cardboard packaging for the yogurt, I recall when ice cream was marketed in cardboard pottles back in the day, the taste when the ultimate scraping gathered some of the lining designed to create a moisture barrier  for the cardboard, it was not  nice.

So to prevent a turtle, a whale or any creature being washed up sick or deceased on a beach and be found on post mortem examination to have ingested plastic detritus, responsible New Zealand shoppers must conform to virtue signalling moronic bans and find alternatives.
Has anyone had a look lately at the state of waterways throughout much of Asia, could that be where the anti plastic protest could be aimed not some poor old shopper here in gods own needing to prevent possible fatal illness from cross contamination of the weekly grocery buy.

The world has endured decades of protest against fur, and sometimes even leather while an explosion of synthetic polymer based clothing is embraced for cost advantage.
Meanwhile NZ struggles to find economic markets for wool and until it was blended with Merino wool as "merino mink,  Possum fur was included in the fashionable protest and international bans of all fur products using emotive images of caged minks and clubbed baby seal pups at the forefront of that protest. Meanwhile NZ was struggling to control possums that create great depredation of native flora and fauna, unable to harness the great driver harvesting the fur might create.
Now we find a new threat of microfibers in the oceans from synthetic materials used for cleaning, clothing and multiple other uses. Also "micro beads that are in many "beauty" products.

A couple of recent incidents can be considered triggers for this post:
I recently gave in to swmbos many requests to upgrade my denims and went as far as indulging self in a well cut pair of levis, the look of abject horror on the face of the retail assistant when I declined the boldly branded establishment bag and just carried the now destined as work jeans back to the motor rolled up  in my hand!!!
Then late last week the trusty dishwasher declined us further assistance and Harvey Norman provided a replacement. Instead of a compostable cardboard  box, the packaging included polystyrene, plastic shrink wrap and a large plastic bag!!!

So I ask again where will the line be drawn in the sand over the virtue signalling driven ban on plastic packaging be drawn?
For me the solution might be better aimed at education over uses and disposal for the garbage created rather than a ban that   is destined to become a maze of confusion.


The Bunbury Baker said...

Gravedodger. the 1950's are calling, they want you back.

Lolitas brother said...

Good to read a personalised reality approach.
The world wide fear about plastic and junk has reached Bangkok nespapaers with the same Media drivel driving it. We must stop using plastic.
Apparently also Thailand reciecves much of the world's obsolete electronic junk, which is said to be magically more toxic than when it was dispersed in nature before.
I see concentrated junk as a likely source of supply when reclaim methods become more sophisticated.
I did some space occupying considerations. Each Thai generates 1kg equivalent of junk a day. 70 million kg per day,or 250 million tons in ten years. To contaiin this, [assuming 1ml= 1gram ] I will need a land fill of 15 km by 10 metres high . Not bad at all anda valuabe source of stuff for the future.
By the way zombie TV Bangkok showed a film here last night, apparently there is proof, NASA and NOAA, the Sea is going to rise by ten metres in the next few decades and we're all dead.