Saturday, June 16, 2018


My very very good friend, Lord Egbut Nobacon ... soldier, old Africa hand, entrepreneur, UK-NZ solo yachtsman, Inn Keeper, generous host, gentleman, researcher, dog lover and now ex-patriot Francophile ... took me to task a few days ago for alleging that St Jacinda had 'feet of clay'.   I responded.

If the events of the last few days and 'her' refusal to discipline motormouth Shane Jones for comments made attacking the chairman of the countries largest private company and later, her own leadership,  ain't proof positive of feet of clay then I don't know what is.

Ms Ardern said Jones wasn't speaking as a Minister.  FFS, he first made the comments at a function where he was introduced as the Minister for Regional Development.   He then repeated them inside the House.   If he wasn't speaking as a Minister what was he speaking as?

... a failed electorate candidate in the 2005 election.
... a failed electorate candidate in the 2008 election.
... someone who used his ministerial credit-card to access pornographic movies.
... an ex Labour Cabinet Minister.
... a failed electorate candidate in the 2011 election.
... a failed electorate candidate in the 2017 election.
... a shareholder in Fonterra (nah, he ain't)
... a wannabee electorate MP in the 2020 election
... as Shane Jones, motormouth extraordinaire

The cabinet manual makes it clear (2.57) that holding a ministerial warrant is regarded as a full time occupation as is remunerated accordingly.   It follows therefore that you are a minister 24/7 and Ardern is simply wrong to brush aside Jones' comments as having been made in a private capacity.   Members of the Executive don't enjoy that luxury. 

Her failure to act is even more surprising given that on the same day Jones attacked Fonterra he also endorsed the claim by Simon Bridges that the Government (of which he is a part) had set up too many working parties, inquiries, reviews and investigations as a substitute for governing.   That can only be seen as a public shot at the Prime Minister.   

It's clear that Ardern is spooked by Jones (and Winston) and can't/won't act even when her leadership is directly challenged.   Her feet of clay are growing larger. 

Meanwhile the Jones boy will continue to be consumed by his own importance buttressed by arrogance and a sense of entitlement that allows him to go off the reservation at will.

... right now the winner is Jones.



Lolitas brother said...

For the life of me I can not find the straight forward reason from where Shane and Winston have launched this criticism. There seems to be some attitude about the value added to the basic product. ie the very nature of enterprise. Does he want the socialist dream of control of the means and outcome of industry. Is this what Winston meant by bad capitalism .

Snowflake said...

Hmm, so all those times John Key was acting and speaking as a bloke and not the PM, he has actually acting and speaking as the PM. Thanks for further evidence of your massive hypocrisy. Bottom still sore ain’t it son?

The Veteran said...

Snowflake ... leaving aside the clumsy construction of your first sentence you may care to reference your assertion re John Key.

My bottoms not sore. See my next post.