Monday, June 11, 2018


The left rejoice in portraying Justin Trudeau as the new face of social-democratic politics,   Certainly St Jacinda is all over him as a bosom buddy.

Seems though Canadians have woken up to the fact that, like many socialists, Trudeau is all piss and wind.    Just two years out from his stunning victory the gloss has well and truly disappeared.

The latest poll conducted by Forum Research (the Forum Poll) has the Conservatives on 46% ... 16% ahead of the Liberals on 30% with the New Democratic Party (which embodies elements of Social-Credit) third on 18%.  The Greens are sitting at 4% while the Bloc Quebecois is on 2%.

Translated into seats and this would see the Conservatives governing in their own right with 234 seats with the Liberals reduced to a rump of just 72 seats.   The NDP would end up with 30 seats, 13 down from the 43 they currently hold and the Greens and BQ one seat each.

Trudeau's approval rating as PM reflects those numbers.   It's in free-fall with only 35% approval compared with 56% disapproval ... giving a net favourable score of -21.

A straw to the wind was the Ontario Provincial election held last Friday.   There the Progressive Conservatives ousted the ruling Liberal Party winning 76 seats (with 63 seats needed for a majority). The Liberals were reduced to just seven seats and so lost official party status in recording the worst result in that party's 161 year history.   The NDP became the opposition with 40 seats.  

Clearly what 'God' giveth God can taketh away (and quickly).   Ms Fairy Stardust with her feet increasingly revealed as being made of clay should take note and worry.


Anonymous said...

Veteran....can you enlarge on the "increasingly made of clay" remark?. Can't see too much turning to custard yet.

Canada runs a federal system and provincial politics have little to do with the countries federal voting patterns. The Ontario libs were hammered because they turned on the very people who put them in power.....the local unions. Trying to compare a Canadian pear with a NZ apple will always be speculation with a dash of Mystic Meg.

Trump has made an excellent job of uniting the country behind Trudeau, those approval figures you quoted can be used to wrap the chips in now.

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

DPF has a post on the conservatives winning in Ontario.

There is indeed a warning for Ardern in it: the right won't hesitate to make political capital from the cost of protecting the environment. You can live a lot cheaper if you continue deferring huge environmental costs of your lifestyle onto future generations, so politicians with the ethical standards of a weasel can easily turn that into electoral support.

People with ethical standards higher than weasels might wonder how politicians could live with themselves for taking that approach, but we're talking here about the kind of politicians who could boast to the media about evicting the poor from their hovels based on a fake drug testing scam, so ripping off future generations is well within their capabilities.


Trudeau does open himself to ridicule however.
I had to laugh seeing how his eyebrows were dropping away during the G7 summitt.
I thought only drag queen worse false eyebrows.

paul scott said...

Of course egg won't notice the wind is changing till his underpants freeze. He thinks the same people who voted that insane lesbian out of office and Ford Nation in, are going to stay blind to the most trivial Islamist idiot on the world's political stage. The Adobe premiere scam on Trudeau's eyebrows was just right for him. Apparently, Trump is bullying him at the summit, it must be awful.

paul scott said...

And Psycho can see clearly that what poor people need is more socialism, and that's because Socialism has such a profound effect on poor people.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... feet of clay bit ... take 3 strikes ... this was a Labour Party flagship policy. When push came to shove 'she' caved. There was no way Peters was going to walk away from the government just 8 months into into office ... he knows that were he to do so he would have been decimated at the election to have followed.

To Canada ... when federal voting intentions coincide with the result in a provincial election you are entitled to the view that Trudeau and the Liberals are in deep stuk.

His outburst against Trump on trade was designed as nothing more to divert attention from the truly disastrous result in Ontario 24 hours earlier and equally disastrous poll numbers nationally.

THe Canadian economy is tanking under Trudeau with economists predicting it will go into recession in 2019.

Geoge said...

When he gets jeered at by his neighbor and every-one smiles you know he's gone from lame duck to dead duck.
Watch the audience don't watch the lame media

Paranormal said...

Sigh, why is it PM you get all high and mighty when it comes to the fraud that is climate change, but are quite comfortable with the poor living in poisoned houses?

Is this the real 'caring' side of the left coming out?

Anonymous said...

PM's comfortable with nonsense because there is a perception that climate change costs will be borne by the supposed rich and expecting ferals to have even a wiff of civilisation about themselves is just so (insert whatever lefty ism or ist word that is currently flavor of the month).


David said...

Not surprised that Veteran, Paul Scott, Lolita's Brother, Paranormal, and the other assorted ratbag deplorables are so in love with Ford.

1. Ford opposes a law that makes it illegal to protest and harass women outside abortion clinics

2. Ford will allow backbenchers to table legislation on restricting access to abortions

3. Ford wants to give parents the power to block a teen’s abortion

4. Ford promised to give doctors the right to refuse to refer patients seeking abortions

You can't get much closer to their wish list than this.

David said...

Christians welcome. Everyone else, get off Doug Ford’s lawn.

Psycho Milt said...

...why is it PM you get all high and mighty when it comes to the fraud that is climate change, but are quite comfortable with the poor living in poisoned houses?

Easy: the "poisoned houses" were a scam, whereas climate change is a real and present danger.

Still, I do encourage National' MPs to be honest about sharing your view that climate change is a fraud - their past and current dishonesty on the subject is not only tiresome, it's damaging to the country's future.

gravedodger said...

Just when did the cyclic climate change that has seen planet earth endure periods of frozen landscapes and heatwaves over millenia become "real and present danger"?
Could that have been when someone realised that there was a potential Taxation opportunity available?

Maybe a contrast of the atmospheric polution effects of recent volcanic activity in Hawaii and Guatemala over the current carbon emmissions reaching our environment, with those one year ago?

While it is clear there are considerable wealth transfer opportunities for socialists to salivate over I cant help wondering how much scare mongering and economic advantage has accumulated for some and might never have reached the hysterical proportions we see today if the wealth transfers were not inherently a part

Alphonse Gore has done rather well since his failure to defeat Bush 43.

Meanwhile many with serious energy affordability issues doing not so well maybe.

Paranormal said...

Got it PM. In your eyes, when the scam is a mega sized government rort (politics rather than science) then that's ok.

When individuals take advantage of a situation (and yes I know individuals have taken advantage of the meth issue), but there is an underlying contamination problem, then that's not ok?

You should know in the past few years meth related insurance claims have been a major issue I have dealt with. You could not be more wrong to say meth contamination is not a problem.

Psycho Milt said...

Yeah, I dunno but somehow I just find the world's scientists' views on the subject more compelling than those of people on blog comments threads. Same thing as when creationists want to tell me how wrong the scientists are about evolution. Call me eccentric.

Re "meth contamination," what's the definition?

If the definition is "contamination with toxic chemicals due to the house being used as a meth lab," then sure - it's a serious threat to people living in the house, very expensive to fix and a nightmare for the poor sods who own the place.

But if the definition is "someone smoked P in the house," then it's about as much of a threat as someone having smoked tobacco in the house and doesn't need any cleanup whatsoever. It might be that a fucked-up government peddling a moral panic about the poor and their drug habits leads people to believe there's a need to clean things up, but that's something else entirely.

Gerald said...

"But if the definition is "someone smoked P in the house," then it's about as much of a threat as someone having smoked tobacco in the house and doesn't need any cleanup whatsoever."

But it is a threat to their tenancy agreement.

Gerald said...

Sorry for got to add

The Veteran said...

David ... by what leap of logic do you have it that I'm In love with Ford. Clearly the people of Ontario are in spades. All I said was that the voting public appear to have ended their love affair with Trudeau and the Liberals. You should be happy about that as you seem to fit the NDP voting demographic anyway.

Snowflake said...

Poor Subnormal can’t tell fact from fiction and it vexes her so. Poor woman. Not as bad as Vet, who has to look to Canada to try and find solace and some relief for his butt hurt. Come on buddy, tell us how great a job Soimun is doing.

The Veteran said...

Snowflake (good descriptive). My butt hurt? Not a bit. Just a bit sad for NZL. Politics 101. Oppositions don't win elections ... Governments lose them and just seven months into the job they've posted some pretty impressive negatives.

The Labour Youth Camp debacle. Twyford skewed daily on his own petard. The Clare Curran affair. The Mycroft affair. The Labour Party Deputy Leader out of his depth. The 3 Strikes debacle. Green Party members in revolt over the actions of Minister Sage. GDP projections increasingly problematic ... the list goes on.

How is Bridges doing? Well, he leads a Party polling ahead of Labour. Out in the provinces he's going where Cabinet Ministers don't. Last week in Northland a packed 10 am in Kaikohe, Labour Party heartland. 40 people paying to have lunch with him in Paihia and at 2 pm and standing room only meeting at the Keri2 RSA. Going well.

Snowflake said...

A whole 40! Wow, look out Labour, Brudges is in da house!

Beltway issues all pretty much forgotten (McCully, Brownlee and Collins used to do worse before lunch on a Monday). You need to get out more, perhaps when your bottom isn’t so sore.