Wednesday, June 20, 2018


For my many sins I get to travel a fair bit.   Queenstown last week, Wellington tomorrow, Dunedin next week.   I get to stay in a lot of hotels ... nothing great about hotels ... more like a chore.

What I absolutely refuse to do in a hotel is to play their silly game which has it that by refusing to change towels each day and I'm helping to save the planet.    Absolute phooey ... it's 0.01% about saving the planet and 99.99% about increasing profit.

Nothing better than a nice clean fresh towel to make up for crappy hotel TV and their limited selection of channels ... and don't even get me started on room mini-bars.


Gerald said...

Aw stop bitching if it's on the taxpayer tab?

David said...

Would you be happy to pay an extra charge for a clean towel daily? After all, you are imposing an increased cost on all guests who are quite capable of using a towel more than once.

Would you be happy for a discount if you reused a towel? That would lower the cost for all.

Or are you simply virtue signalling your distaste for corporations that take environmental responsibility seriously?

And there you go again - moaning when a company does what it is supposed to do - maximise returns to shareholders. You really don't like Capitalism, do you?

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... not sure of your point. David ... you, as usual, miss the point. I have no problem with a company seeking to maximise its return to shareholders. What I do object to is their trying to hide this behind the cloak of saving the planet.

But, as I said, nothing better than a clean fresh towel.

David said...

So, virtue signalling it is.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

If you use the mini bar you are paid too much.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... I agree although I once stayed at a boutique hotel in Christchurch which every night they placed at carafe of madeira on a night table in the corridor leading to my room. rooms. When I questioned that management said that 'our clientele expect to be able to access a glass or two of medeira during the night' ... some hotel ... wasn't cheap.

David said...


Always wondered why Christchurch was called "The Village of the Damned".

Now I know.

Lolitas brother said...

What about the maids, they should send you a maid.
I have my own maid over here.
She clears the swimmming pool ofthe religion of peace and then calls me down. She doesn't charge extra for anything she does. Thats what I call virtue.
Just to clear up the rot in poor David's head, Racism is a meaningless term you pathetic troll people apply to white people, and Virtue signalling is for lower forms of life in the regressive progressive diversity clases.

Lolitas brother said...

David will now enter some drivel about my spelling and social habits. What about shifting over to the Daily Bog David. Would that help?.

Anonymous said...

Stayed in a wonderful place recently. Brand new, large single room with top of the range en-suite facilities and three squares a day. The view was superb, 2nd floor over looking fields that looked like they had been painted by Matisse with beautiful Limousine cattle standing up to their bellies in buttercups...ah La belle France.

The only drawback was that occasionally the three IV lines and alarm call cord would drift across my line of sight. Still, better than a towel used twice.

Lord Egbut

Andrew said...

No Lolita's Brother / Paul Scott / whatever else you call yourself - David probably couldn't care less about your dodgy lifestyle in Thailand, your gerrymandering of Govt correspondence to make a point, and your thinly-veiled threats on public servants who are simply doing their job and obeying the Law..
He's got better things to do.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I take it you were in for a brain transplant?

Limousine is a flash car.

The cattle are Limousin - without an 'e'

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


What ever it was, get well soon!

The Veteran said...

Egbut Sir ... thinking of you ... Mrs Vet too. If you would like to send me an email updating your position that I can share with your old colleagues then please do so to Best wishes for a speedy recovery ... Sunray 5/2