Wednesday, June 6, 2018


"Great communicators", a nomenclature that is too easily ascribed to ordinary people.

Winston Churchill was flawed in many ways but as the spokesman for the under siege United Kingdom facing the Nazi war machine alone and vulnerable in the early days of WW2, he was outstanding.

Barry O'Bama the irish afro American was often  given such adulation by an obsequious MSM when the truth was, he was a talented autocue reader with a delivery that covered for the all too often weakness of his what he was actually saying.

This morning a mother to be who has a bit of paper from Waikato Uni suggesting she is a graduate in "communication",  struggled, as do many sports personalities and public figures, as she kept up an annoying series of linked "uknows".
Well the matters under discussion Cinders, were quite well understood by Moi but the hesitant delivery containing such annoying 'fillers' made it clear you did not have as great grip of the subjects Hosking wanted addressed, as you wished to portray to his audience.

The strange divergence between what "the people's princess" claimed was the central theme around Cabinet involvement in the tragic and damaging presidium dictate on oil and gas policy that has all the hallmarks of a stitchup between Peters, Shaw and The PM,  when contrasted with the more believable interpretation of Stuart Nash thirty minutes,  was somewhat glaring to be kind.


Paulus said...

Nash will have been de-sexed by now by H2 on orders.

Lolitas brother said...

You can do yourself a damage just listening to a vacuous socialist Uknow, but I spose you godda find out about poviddy and capiddalism.