Sunday, June 17, 2018

Ho Ho Ho

On his way from NK to Singapore



Lolitas brother said...

haha I like the idea of Kim and Trump having a quick lightning strike on Canada to depose the flower girl. My punt is that there will be some good conditions for North Korea trade to draw them slightly to USA. Esprecially now with the trade war with China . Get those peasants making stuff Kim, no tariffs fo you, we will buy.

alwyn said...

I agree that the picture of the 3 girls and their companion on the beach is funny but I hope it was photo-shopped.
You should NEVER get between a seal or a sea-lion and the water. It makes them very nervous and they can, with amazing speed, head in a panic for the water.
Those girls wouldn't have a chance of avoiding it.
I've seen people at the sea-lion colonies around the New Zealand coast do it occasionally and it frightens me.