Wednesday, June 6, 2018


There will be other problems down stream pun intended, no one is admitting.

When logging follows in around thirty or so years later, the trash left behind will exacerbate flooding damage to the roads already damaged by the fleets of log trucks!

Of course if current thinking prevails and trucks are consigned to history then I guess the great leap forward will have the peasants dragging the logs to ports in return for a bit of rice and puha.

Last year Tasman district was damaged by a rain event that saw waterways and bridges badly damaged with the bark and branches left on hillsides after trees are harvested increasing the damaging floods. Similar allegations accompany the recent flood damage on the East Coast around Tolaga Bay.

It is well understood that sedimentation of waterways, soil erosion, and trash clogging waterways after tree felling operations.

So a random question for Tugger and his Melon mates could be along the lines, will your planet saving afforestation moves reduce rain events before the Ten Billion Trees are to be cut over.

Mabe another policy failure could be welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Logging debris blocking a culvert was probably to blame for the large washout that has closed the Napier - Gisborne railway line near the Gisborne end.


The Veteran said...

Luv the tongue-in-cheek post that's not so tongue-in-cheek ... especially the peasants dragging the logs to the port bit (using their asses?).