Sunday, June 24, 2018


Velly solly Mr Praker  If "your office put it there" it was still you, you daft bugger.
If it was your office that did it and you didn't "know" you should resign for dereliction of duty.
Read up what happened to Admiral Byng he only got a bit confused then died.

The clause specifically placing the very desirable and highly valued for rating purposes, sections at Mangawhai beyond the loopy with more holes than a Swiss Cheese bit of rubbish legislation to control foreign investment in NZ real estate, is weely weely bad Mr Praker

The  clumsy effort to have a clause specifically removing the real estate for sale by people you may well convince many were only acquaintances, in  the very amateur hour legislation, might convince a few morons you are doing something about the foreign hoards who are placing first homes out of the reach of battlers, only done to benefit the iwi who had a minority interest,
 I have a selection of bridges for immediate sale.

Getting it through the select committee and back to the House with such blatant for mates only clauses, personally benefiting some well established leading lights in such moneyed projects.
All achieved  using the majority numbers of numpties who would support you in The "Finance and Expenditure select committee without thinking,  just coz someone sez so, has a wiffy odour and was disquieting.

 Parker is a minister of the crown and anyone with the briefest understanding and working knowledge of parliamentary process should understand;-
"Denial is often an admission of guilt"
"One who excuses himself is condemning himself
Blaming staff you control is not only cowardly but very bad form"
You ''are'' your office as Trueman  articulated "the buck stops here"
Rich mates no matter how close or conveniently distant one might wish to portray them might have a comunicable disease.
Perception is well known to resist treatments currently known.

The late Howard Patterson, John Darby, Ric Kayne,  vague references to the needs of cash strapped iwi, subdivision sections alleged to have rateable values of over $4 000 000, a luxury Golf Course so imminent it attracted Sir John Key to take Barry there for a round of golf, while all separately plausibly deniable, may well be what some would wish  a disinterested unquestioning electorate to view as being in the real world and treated  with ignore.
However that group along with other shadowy figures even closer to the ninth floor referred to as "Lobbyists" around the fringes plus the impressive  dosh at stake, make for more sunshine than has been evident  up  to now, to be applied. Thompson and Lewis ring any bells, nah that was  the timer alarm,  bread into the oven now please.

All this people, was supposed to be about the coalition of losers appointed by Mr 7% showing the poor people struggling to get on the bottom rung of the property ladder, they really do care. Sections with values in the millions to be exempt for rich pricks (real ones),  specifically permitted to be marketed to foreigners when the a focus could have been ACC inflated cost  for  the half of one million  dollar bits of dirt to perch a cheap house on, that other unidentified foreign hoards had priced beyond reach for struggling Joe and Josephine Worker. Another  bit of fake news used by Twyford and his fair weather friends  but when the chips were down  the true facts suggested amounted to a mere 3% of buyers across the nation, slightly higher in central City Of Sails???

It is further alleged that some media interest in these matters by now so widely questioned has been taken down and that suggests to me, here is a real focus for some sort of inquiry to be undertaken. Another  amongst the by now nearing one gross of such entities wont be noticed but properly constituted and protected from political "guidance" might well provide something worthwhile for  when Baby Neve is no longer the "News"

I note there are reports of Queenstown Lawyers being saddened the scandalous bit of legislation surprisingly sent back to SC for removal would stop in its tracks a potential boom in litigation opportunity created in other equally rewarding developments.
Another surprise,  the move to send the bill back to SC came at the behest of speaker Mallard after the Clerk of the House raised objection. Can any body refute that is but one more notable first for this group of children doing men's work.
Exclude Bonnie from that kindy rabble, he has been at the very center of  such reality since forever, Oh I nearly forgot It Was Dolly back at The office this time, stupid girl.


The Veteran said...

GD ... the ‘legs’ on this story are growing helped by Parker’s (clumsy) attempt to argue that the clause was inserted by some unknown office flunky without his knowledge or say so.

That simply beggars belief. Oh dear, another candidate for the witless protection programme. The room getting awfully crowded.5

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Quite so Vet.

These fellows would have you believe Hitler did not order the invasion of Poland. It was some other corporal who did it.