Wednesday, June 13, 2018


The MSM is in turmoil trying to spin what occurred yesterday in Singapore within their belief systems  and political bias

Whatever happens from here on in, present indications are somewhat more comfortable around the Korean peninsula imho after Trump's unorthodox ways.

As Potus said during the hour long presser before flying home, "I may be standing before you in a few weeks to review what has been delivered, but then if it is failure well I may have to find  an excuse not to front up." Aint that the truth but if Trump has given Un a glimpse of how he can make for a much better NORK and moderate the murderous little rocket man's actions from here on in so much for the better.
At least the reveal of what Singapore and  SOUK with its capital only a few kilometers south of the border as seen by his sister during the Olympics, must have an impact in glaring contrast to the true images he probably is able to ignore at home.

Thankyou Mr President for at least making a change to the "game"  however fragile it appears to so many.
The success or failure could be decades away but not trying to buy a solution with billions that are never accounted for, counts for much in my book.

Jaw jaw is surely better than war  war however long it lasts and if the biggest concession made  in the immediate future is cancellation of the next war games, the price is cheap, and the four minute video on an ipad  even cheaper.

If NZ media think they got value for money after the jaunt by Barely  Sober, Commie Dann and co then tell them they are dreamin.
Never in the field of NZ news was so little achieved by so many for so much spent, in fact pathetic seems almost lauditory.


David said...

Neville Chamberlain came back with more from Munich than Trump has from Singapore.

What has trump gained? Zilch, nada, nothing, zip.

What has Kim gained? Acceptance as an equal by POTUS, an end to US-SK war games, removal of US forces from the region. US propaganda was that North Korea needed to be "contained", but the main reason for the US presence was control of shipping lanes.

Trump has gone to war with long time allies in the G7 and has rolled over for dictators because one thing Trump loves is dictators.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poor David. Have pity on him for his head is exploding. If only this had been Obama and it would have been the best deal since Moses screwed the Pharoahs.

I think David really is hoping like hell for a call from Communist News Network. They desperately need a correspondent from the nether regions of South Australia.

David said...

Come on Adolt. You can do better than that, or is name calling all you have left?

What, IYHO, has Trump achieved by alienating old allies and cosying up to dictators?

Psycho Milt said...

The MSM is in turmoil trying to spin what occurred yesterday in Singapore within their belief systems and political bias

Probably. I recall John Oliver a while back compiled a bunch of Fox news clips about this.

Some were from the Obama presidency, in which the various Fox pundits denounced Obama for declaring himself willing to talk to Kim Jong Un, which would apparently be a treasonous betrayal of our allies in the region, put the dictator of North Korea on the same level as PotUS in the eyes of the world, and return nothing of value beyond a massive propaganda coup for North Korea because you can't trust North Korea to stick to agreements.

Those clips were interspersed with the same pundits extolling Trump's genius for being willing to talk to Kim Jong Un, and explaining how this was a bold move that could bring great benefits for world peace.

The funny thing is, watching it you realise that, for once they actually make some good points when they're wailing about the prospect of Obama meeting Un, but those good points are immediately trampled underfoot in the rush to kiss Trump's arse when he proposes the same thing. The hilarious MSM, huh? What a bunch of jackasses.

Noel said...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, who pray tell, do you regard as an 'old Allie'?

You and the spluttering has-been De Niro would make a good pair.

Snowflake said...

In Adolt’s mind the Canadians are the enemy. North Korea is where it’s at now. Kim Jong Un is a man of honour all of a sudden. THose gulags and human rights abuses? Fake news! Trump says so. It’s funny and worrying how enthusiastically the right has lost it’s grip on reality and believe and amplify anything that comes out of Trump’s little mouth, despite his history of lying about everything, and obvious incompetence and mental illness. Seriously, where’s your dignity guys?