Friday, June 1, 2018

And The Fun Starts

It's interesting times for the Australian Labor Party.

Even though Labor maintains a healthy opinion poll lead over the Lib/Nats in the two party preferred vote, the personal ratings of its obnoxious leader continue to decline.  Shorten is a union crook who, before entering parliament, robbed blind the low payed cleaning workers he was supposed to represent, in return for a very large 'in kind' contribution to his election fund. 

In recent times he has earned the ire of electors for lying through his teeth for six months about the citizenship of his MPs.  Suddenly, it turns out not just one or two but five of them were ineligible to stand.   So we have five federal by-elections coming up on June 23rd.  If Labor should lose just one of these five, in my opinion Shorten will be rolled by his deputy, one Anthony Albanese.

Unlike Shorten, Albanese is a man's man who resonates with the electorate.  I'm sure he will pull a significant wedge of Liberal voters away from the Libs and in doing so, will destroy the ditherer Turnbull in the forthcoming general election.

Adolf has written a suitable headline for the Murdoch stable to use on the morning after the Labor bloodletting.


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