Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Absolutely Exquisite

Clive porky Palmer is suing Malcom ditherer Turnbull for defamation.

“Mr Palmer’s role is disgraceful — as you know, he’s been taking money out of that company for his own purposes and that has played a major part in the dire state the business is in,” Mr Turnbull reportedly said in China in April 2016.
The Queensland Supreme Court last June struck out Mr Palmer’s bid to sue Mr Turnbull over the comments, finding the businessman needed to plead the applicable Chinese law. This was because of a legal rule known as lex loci delicti, which favours the law of the place where the tort occurred.
However, the Queensland Supreme Court today unanimously ruled Mr Palmer did not need to plead Chinese law in this case.
“The applicant has not pleaded anything as to foreign law and specifically has stated that he does not intend to rely on any aspect of Chinese law as differing from Australian law,” Justice Sue Brown said.

If Palmer wins, the so far up himself PM will never live it down.

This harks back to the days when The World's Dumbest premier (Bejelke Petersen) put one across The World's Smartest PM in what was known at the time as the Albert Field affair.

In case you are wondering, both appellations were coined by Whitlam himself, for whom modesty was never an impediment.

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