Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Nothing But Respect

Who are the politicians, past and present, for whom you have nothing but respect?   Exclude those for whom there are equal amounts of contempt and respect.      Here's my list:-

(Yesterday I posted the list of those I consider 'the bad guys.')


Curtin, Menzies, Howard, Hawke, Keating, Court, Bolte, Askin, Costello,

New Zealand

Moore, Key, English, Prebble, Douglas,


JFK, Trump, Truman, Eisenhower, Reagan, Kissinger,* Marshall,* Clinton, Bush (Snr,) Giuliani,

* They were not politicians but had more influence over affairs than did most politicians.


Lee Kuan Yew,  Netanyahu, Churchill, Thatcher, Meir, Modi, Mubarak, Imran, Sukarno, Bainimarama, Pinochet


The Veteran said...

Leading with your chin there Adolf ... Pinochet!!!!! Disagree re JFK. His moment of triumph was the Cuban Missile Crisis but before that the Bay of Pigs was a disaster while he alone was the President who got America in to the Vietnam war. Eisenhower was a do nothing, feel good, President who is best remembered for playing a lot of golf (800 rounds between 1953 and 1961).

David said...

It is no surprise that the oleaginous Adolf likes him some thugs and warmongers.

War criminal Netanyahu.

Pig Iron Bob Menzies, the man who was happy to keep selling Australian steel to be used by the Japanese in the invasion of Manchuria, the man who was happy to see Australia invaded by Japanese as long as Britain was saved from the Germans, the man who was so enamoured of Queen Betty that he plagiarised “I did but see her passing by…”, the man who was such a lick spittle to John Bull that they invented a special post for him after he quit politics. Spit on his grave!

Howard, the small town lawyer who invented the distinction between core and non core promises after he promised there would never ever be a GST and then raced to create it on lying his way to an election win. Partly redeemed by his stance on guns after Port Arthur massacre.

Then there is the war criminal Kissinger, Winston "Chemical Ali" Churchill, and a whole bunch of anti-democratic thugs, headed by Pinochet (a Kissinger protege) and Trump.

Andrei said...

And the greatest 21st century Statesman of all does not get a mention :)

Anonymous said...

I would add the current PM of Hungary (Mr Orban) to the list of highly commended.


Shelldrake said...

Adenaur, Ghandi X 2, Reagan, Gorbachov

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And Andrei leaves the world in suspense......................................

David said...

No suspense adolf, it's just the 2 you eft from your list - Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Rodrigo Duterte.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Cad and Shell

Yes they should have been on the list. I had meant to add Gorbachev.

Andrei said...

Suspence Adolf?

Let us bring some relief

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... not sure that being the Head of State of a country rated 135th in the world corruption index (out of 180) alongside PNG and only just ahead of Kenya is deserving of too much respect.

Andrei said...

You know Vet VVP himself has highlighted corruption as an issue to be tackled in Russian life

But that being said the rankings for the world corruption index are in the eye of the people who create that index and corruption itself is something you might choode to identify as such or close your eyes to if it suits your purpose or agenda to do so

But where ever you live the rich and the powerful make the rules to preserve their wealth and power at the expense of those who are powerless, that my friend is the nature of the beast

Consider the bank bailouts of 2008 for example where the American Taxpayer fronted up to bail out the people who had created the crisis and who also got paid handsome bonuses, paid for with public money for sorting it out with public money - that was the USA

Bill English got humiliated a few years ago over having his Karori mansion declared a ministerial residence and having the New Zealand taxpayer pay him rent to live in his own house, all entirely legal - he paid it back when exposed but if he hadn't been exposed...

You get the gist?

Anonymous said...

It's called capitalism Andrei. Russia's economy is unbalanced and is going down the tubes precisely because public money is not available to right wrongs. Injecting huge sums into the economy or withdrawing same is a method of "balancing" the economy to the benefit of the country.

The US has not made sufficient steps to stop a slide whereas the EU banking system has much stricter rules.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Good old Puty baby going to tackle corruption eh.....where to start?...oh here's an idea

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... NZL 1st in the list. Russia 135th. And it all happened under Putin's watch(es). Get the gist? Deserving of respect ... nah.

Paranormal said...

Anyone reading Bill Browder's book Red Notice https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22609522-red-notice would understand just how corrupt Putin is.

Andrei said...

LOL Paranormal, Bill Browder was one of those who looted Russia in the 1990s and had his wings clipped by Vladimir Putin.

The real question is - is the average Russian citizen better off in 2018 than they were in 2000?

And the answer is a resounding yes.

Paranormal said...

I suggest you actually read the book Andrei. If Browder was the bad guy in this, why has the rest of the world initiated the Magnitsky sanctions on those involved? BTW what are the Magnitsky sanctions about - do you know?

It is very clear where Putin gets his money and power. Browders book details the change. Putin is no longer the man of the people you identify with, he would be one of the most corrupt world leaders.

The Bunbury Baker said...

para, the "rest of the world" being the USofA and the Balts.

Anyway, now you've let the cat out of the bag, Trump will repeal it since it has Obama's signature and doesn't benefit Trump in any way.

The Veteran said...

Not sure what the Bunbury Baker is on about and the connection with this post.

For those of you who don't know Bill Browder is the son of Earle Browder, long time chair of the Communist Party USA. Bill B saw the light.

Andei said...


During the 1990s Russia was looted by the Oligarchs and people like Bill Browder and the Russian people impoverished - you have no idea how bad it was

In 2003 VVP clipped their wings and Bill Browder is pissed off, he has an axe to grind

The USA, where the neocons are ascendant, do not want to see the rise of superpowers that can rival the USA and the two nations that can Russia and China are thus treated with suspicion and foreign policies enacted that attempt to block or at least delay the rise of these two nations which are rising as the USA declines

You know nothing of Sergei Magnitsky beyond what Bill Browder has told you and it suits your prejudice to accept that without question

You live in the Anglo world and assume it is all good and the actions it takes are always noble, benevolent and for the best of reasons while non Anglos are sinister and malevolent and up to no good

But this isn't true, it is far far more complex than that

But both the Chinese and Russian Governments want what is best for their citizens and are not interested in increasing the fortunes of London and Wall Street bankers at the expense of the standard of living of their own people

Things like the Magnitsky act and sanctions are all designed to slow Russia's development but it is an own goal in the longer term because they put Russia and China closer together

Same with Iran, sanctioning Iran just means it increases its trade with China and this trade is done in renminbi not dollars. The real reason why Trump is reneging on the Iran deal is that Iran is trading oil futures on the Shanghai Futures Exchange in renminbi not dollars and so is Russia

Did you see this?

"3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."

The Bunbury Baker said...

Sorry Veteran, you must be enjoying the kava, I'll join the dots for you:

paranormal wrote "why has the rest of the world initiated the Magnitsky sanctions"

to which I responded:"rest of the world" being the USofA and the Balts. that is a long way short of the rest of the world, don't you think? France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, all South America, are just a few of the countries who have not enacted similar laws.

And the finish should be obvious to anyone - Trump will overturn this simply because it bears Obama's signature.

The Veteran said...

BB ... thank you. No Kava here. Waters not fit to drink so I'll have to compromise on whisky.

Paranormal said...

"In 2003 VVP clipped their wings"

So VVP "clipping their wings" by pocketing a percentage of the Oligarchs' businesses to become the biggest Oligarch of all is ok by you Andrei?

Andrei said...

Paranormal - foreign businessmen who dealt with Vladimir Putin when he was deputy mayor of St Peterburg in the 1990s all noted how straight he was

Don't you realize that he has transformed Russia in a good way, I don't think he is a crook

Look at that bridge he got built to Crimea, that is amazing really, it is the biggest bridge in Europe and it was completed early and under budget. That is a sign of effective leadership, not a crook

The West hates that he is so effective they don't want a resurgent Russia that he is delivering

He is way smarter than any Western leader and that's a fact

Bill Browder on the other hand is a man who renounced his American citizenship to avoid paying tax, prefering to inflate his already bloated bank accounts than to contribute to his motherland

Who are you going to admire, the man who is building bridges, roads, schools, hospitals, churches and mosques or the tax avoider?

Paranormal said...

Have I got this right Andrei, you hated what the Oligarchs did to Russia. But when VVP becomes the biggest Oligarch that's ok? Really?

Andrei said...

Paramormal I don't believe VVP is the biggesst Oligarch, I don't believe he has a huge stash of cash secreted away as is oft claimed - if it existed it would have been found by now and stolen by Western "sanctions". And a lot of Russian money has been stolen over the past few years using the "sanctions" weapon

He is different from Western leaders in big ways

Its hard to explain but he doesn't vacation on the Riveria but in Siberia.

He is not an ostenatious man, not a новые русские (Novye Russkie) but a man with the common touch, he's a man with a Russian soul who wont sell out his homeland

I'll tell you something else Paranormal people like Bill Browder are loathed with justification by ordinary Russians (he is just a thief in a fancy suit after all) and all this anti Russian crap is turning ordinary people against the West

Andrei said...


"The west should fundementally be horrified, not simply because 76% of Russians voted to relect Putin, but because this past election has affirmed that 95% of Russia’s population supports conservative-patriotic, communist, and nationalist ideas. As a result, liberal ideas anemically stuggle to survive in Russia, among hardly 5% of population.

And it is you who are to blame for this, my western friends (written in cyrillic as mai vestern frendz). It was you who drove us into “Russians never surrender” mode.

For a long time I’ve said to you: Find normal advisers on Russia! Fire all those parasites, With your short-sighted sanctions, and heartless humiliation of our athletes (including those with disabilities ).

Or your “Skripals” and blatent disregard of the most basic liberal values, like the presumption of innocence. You manage to hypocritically combine, along with the forcible imposition of ultra-liberal ideas in your own countries, a certain mentally insane, mass hysteria.

All of this creates in a healthy person, a sigh of relief that he lives in Russia, and not in Hollywood, with the post-electoral mess in the United States, or in Germany. Or in the Brexit-zone; with their attacks on RT, which they cannot forgive for taking advantage of freedom of speech, and showing to the world how to use it.

It turned out that this “freedom of speech” never was intended to be used for good, but was invented as an object of beauty, a false ideal like some sort of crystal mop that shines from afar, but is unsuitable to clean your stables.

By way of your injustice and cruelty, your inquisitorial hypocrisy, and your lies, you forced us to stop respecting you. You and your so-called “values.”

We no longer want to live like you. For fifty years, secretly and openly, we wanted to live like you, but not any longer.

We no longer respect you. And for all those who still support you among us. Those who still bother to support you? They represent that less than 5% of the population.

In the 2018 Russian Presidential election, the top three candidates were Putin (by 76%), Grudinin, and Zhirinovsky. The Liberal pro-western candidates TOTALED were generously around 5%
And you only have yourselves to blame for that – your Western politicians and analysts, media, and intellegence.

Our nation is capable to forgive a lot. But we can’t forgive such arrogance, no more than any normal nation would.

Your only remaining Empire, would be wise to learn the history of its allies; all of them are former empires.

Study history, learn the reasons why they lost their empires. It was because of their arrogance!

White man’s burden, my arse. (as written in English in the original)

But the only reamining Empire among you, does not respect history, and those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it.

And now, you’ve pushed us to unite around your enemy. As fast as you declared him an enemy, so quickly we united around him.

In years past, he was just our President, who could be reelected. Now, he has become our Chieftain. We won’t let you change this. You created this reality – it was the work of your own hands.

It was you who created among us, an opposition between patriotism and liberalism. Even if they shouldn’t be mutually exclusive notions. It was you who created this false dilemma, and we chose patriotism.

Even though, many of us are really liberals…myself, for example.

Sort yourselves out. It’s not long now."