Wednesday, May 30, 2018


In the midst of a pay claim for "nurses" where they appear still disatisfied with what many see as a good offer and DHBs  continually being portrayed as underfunded,  Midland Health, that includes Dannevirke,  has just made three appeals against a local licensing authority granting a renewal for New World Dvke to continue to sell beer and wine  from their establishment just east of Highway 2 in the center of town.

There was no submission opposing from police, public or any other party from the small rural town in Southern Hawkes Bay.
The central point in the opposition came from the "angle of the display" for the demon drink in the New Zealand owned grocery franchise retail layout.
The District Licensing Authority granted the application dismissing the Angle Objection!
The DHB appealed to the DLC and lost!
The DHB appealed to the "Alcohol Regularity and Licensing Authority and Lost!
The DHB then appealed to the High Court and again lost!

Now I have no knowledge as to what all that cost but if some wowser in Midland Health thinks that was money well spent, might I suggest a termination of the sinecure and a deduction of the sum wasted from the grant money next allocation.
I accept the proliferation of alcohol outlets in some areas where such promotion might not be seen as appropriate resulting in a citizen group opposing a 'new' licence but this money spent on a renewal in isolation in a town that afaik is no more or less troubled dealing with problems of alcohol abuse outside accepted norms, needs some correction.

hattip Kiwiblog.

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