Thursday, May 24, 2018

Labour is cranking into it now

From the classic playbook of Helen Clark, the government is squashing dissent.

Get rid of the next possible police commissioner so your guy (or girl?) can get the job.

Stop the government being held to account in parliament.

I said it here first: The next Commissioner of Police will be Tusha Penny.


James said...

I agree with you that Labour cannot be trusted to not run the public sector into the ground, appointing their cronies and flunks into the highest positions.

But I think even they wouldn't be so bold as to promote Tusha Penny from Superintendent straight to Commissioner, skipping the two ranks in between.

Having said that, Helen Clark appointed her flunkey Bruce Marshall (now Sir Bruce Marshall) to Chief of Defence Force (a three star position) from a one star position, ie he went straight from Air Commodore to Air Marshal, skipping Air Vice Marshall. So they might get someone who is currently an assistant commissioner to skip deputy commissioner and go straight to the top - Assistant Commissioner Sandra Venables fits the demographic they are after...

But I reckon Deputy Commissioner Glenn Dunbier is the best shot. (

Nick K said...

Interesting James, thanks.