Thursday, May 3, 2018


Will Police Headquarters be publishing an updated daily list of NZ Citizens and Residents they  are not investigating and/or have not charged?

The politicization of our once almost incorruptible law enforcement outfit following hard on the heals of the clear efforts for influence in  National Security oversight, now linked in media analysis, might  lead many to wonder if 1984 predictions of one Eric Blair  only delayed three decades. Blair (George Orwell) wrote that predictive expose of totalitarian government control nearly two decades before that now largely embraced date.

Ms Clark's indecent haste in the demolition of Peter Doone was bad enough, along with her shameless hanging out to dry  of those from her protection service who made the mad dash to Harewood from Waimate at an "average" speed of 128Km per hour to enable "Her Eminence"  to make a rugby match in Wellington when she had zero interest in the code. Just try to achieve that average and keep your licence with over 25kms of builtup areas including Timaru, Washdyke, Geraldine, Tinwald, Ashburton, Rakaia and the rest of the over two hundred Kms subject to  heavy traffic.

The current PM's involvement of Mike Bush in the long running rumours surrounding the alleged Sire of her unborn child,  marks another serious sign of  meddling long considered  "verboten" in the unwritten constitutional norms  of separation

One sure way to give added credence to  scuttle-but is  to involve "The Streisand Effect".

"The Lady doth protest too much, methinks, or is it the old adage, the more one excuses himself the more they accuse themself.

For one who has made considerable efforts in self promotion  over time that  precedes  his attachment to the anointed one, the thin skin seems a bit too exposed.

For contrast remember the treatment dished to Max Key and his sister Stephie any time that suited, along with their responses.


Noel said...

Be a lot easier if the Twitter twits could be encouraged to have the guts to come out from behind their pseudonyms and make their claims in public.

Anonymous said...

Noel......then the raison d'etre of Twitter would be exposed. Twitter is the one way valve of the sewage plant.

Lord Egbut

Snowflake said...

Holy shit! What’s the logical connection between Doone’s sacking for interfering to prevent his partner being breath-tested and the debunking of a smear campaign by some silly right-wingers? And somehow it’s a sign of totalitarianism that the little Tory smear campaign was disrupted? You’re a wee bit soft in the head aren’t you old fella?

George said...

So, where was the police spokesman when John Keys daughter was threatened with rape?
Or how is the investigation into the sexual assault at the labor 'camp'?

Anonymous said...

George both happened.