Thursday, May 10, 2018

Hey National - Lets Do This!!

Twice in the last couple of weeks ACT's David Seymour has sat Prime Minister Ardern down on her backside sulking at Question Time with her yesterday declining to answer a fair and reasonable question - ably aided by Speaker Mallard of course. To date she easily bats away Simon Bridges questions and often uses them as a means to belittle the previous National Government and Bridges himself, something which Bridges seems incapable of dealing with as he sits there and takes it. Here is a solution - a few weeks ago The Green Party passed their weekly allocation of questions over to National and I urge National to pass that allocation on to ACT so that David Seymour has more opportunity to deal to Prime Minister Ardern and other ministers and hold them to account as is not being done at present. Lets do this.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What an excellent suggestion.

Paulus said...

I still like the best way is to freeze Calamity Cindy is not to direct any questions to her - like today.
She will be unhappy that she will not be able to pass gobshite as usual.
She will not like being ignored.

paul scott said...

God, she is ugly to listen to. A screeching harridan. I don't mind Bridges just calmly batting away at this vile socialist. I couldn't quite get Seymours' innuendo, something about empty Chinese owned homes .