Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Global Warming Strikes

Will the power go off in Victoria now that they've closed their biggest coal fired generation plant?

Victoria will receive an icy blast of wet and windy weather over the next two days with Melbourne on track to record its coldest May days in 40 years.

Solar power will be non- existent at night and

likely to see strong southerly winds affecting the Melbourne region and certainly the potential for gusts getting into above 70km/h to 80km/h,” 

with gale force winds the wind farms will shut down.

Bloody good stuff, that global warming, eh.

Oh, wash my mouth out.  It's now called Climate Disruption.  😀

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David said...

Well, the mythical wind farms in Melbourne might shut down, but the national grid includes wind farms outside Melbourne, even outside Vic. Those big, beautiful wind farms, the best wind farms anyone has ever seen, around Crystal Brook will be working. Who knew? I didn't.

Hydro from the Snowy, that wonderful, amazing Snowy, so big, so beautiful, will also be heading to Vic as needed. Who knew? Did you?

Any way, all that stuff about Stormy coming to Melbourne is FAKE NEWS! What about Crooked Hillary. She was there. In Melbourne. Why aren't the FBI investigating her? SAD.