Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday's Fulminations

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The Bunbury Baker said...

Look out everybody, Slater the Biter has become Slater the Bitten and he wants revenge.

Following the Trump playbook, he is threatening all and sundry with law suits, the poor little bully is soooo offended.

"Two blog sites have as good as named me and they will be in the gun too. I am sick of smears and innuendo attacking me and I’m not having any more of it."

Love to see him go to court with that allegation "they good as named me", well, they didn't then, did they? Who the fuck is his lawyer? Larry Klayman? Lionel Hutz? It sure isn't Denny Crane! :-)

Name away, this site is hosted in the US where free speech protections are robust and there is a high bar to prove defamation. Not to mention to cost of launching a defamation case in the US.

I am going to enjoy watching this snowflake melt.

David said...

The news from North Korea.

Gerald said...

Bunbury gotta be fake news. Smears and innuendo associated with Slater?