Friday, April 27, 2018

Witless Protection Programme.

Labour continues to mismanage its continuing and festering Currancy problem.

Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran came under fire after arranging a meeting with RNZ's Carol Hirschfield. Photo / File

They can't afford to have her answer any questions because if she does, she'll be seen to be in need of dismissal.

Who was the idiot journalist who rated the Coalition of Losers ten out of ten for its first one hundred days?


The Veteran said...

So CoL MPs Eagle, Coffey, Wood, Russell and Hughes are now outed as the Speakers little helpers in riding shotgun over the witless protection programme.

Just remember this was the government that promised openness and transparency like we'd never seen it before.

Still, never mind, leaving the running sore open and unbandaged is playing into the Oppositions hands allowing the speculation to continue that Curran misspoke aka 'lied through her teeth'.

Allan said...

The COL is a joke, a bunch of incompetent muppets who have no idea what they are doing. The sooner the whole bloody fiasco collapses the better off we all will be.

Snowflake said...
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Anonymous said...

One hundred percent agree, Allan. NZ deserves better than this lot, Winston really did the dirty on us, for his own gain. Some legacy. Sad to see NZ getting screwed up, so fast.


Anonymous said...

@ Ron. I disagree, NZ does not deserve better than this lot. We are lethargic and that has seen mediocrity celebrated and crass, boorish morons like Curran, Eagles etc given power to abuse. Socialist Soimon is not the answer either. When it goes tits up people will need to face the fact that they voted for what they got so its their own fault.