Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Why Does The Media Deal With Only One Issue.......

......... at a time?

I don't know. 

Of course, they do deal with more than one issue but it seems as though only one issue dominates.  Then, after a few short days, it disappears.   Politicians play on this phenomenon, often introducing faux controversies in order to hasten the exit from public view of some uncomplimentary issue de jour.

If it's 'Trump bashing' then its the same issue every day but dressed up in different pajamas.

If it's 'Adern adoring' then its the same issue every day but dressed up in different pajamas.  (I must admit just one or two journalists seem to have cleared the mist from their eyes on this one.)

However, one wonders:-

What's happened to North Korea? 

What's happened to the Australian Prime Ditherer's woeful so-called 'energy policy?

What's happened to Clare Curran's perfidy?

What's happened to Frau Merkel

What's happened to the so-called US/China trade war?  (Here's a clue.  Were China winning, it would be all over thee media in banner headlines.)

What's happened to the appalling Islamic child grooming scandals from half a dozen Englsh cities?


David said...

It's not so much that The Media only deal with one issue at a time, it's more that you live in the Murdoch echo chamber. Try a few other sources, never know what you might learn.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Wrong gain, David.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why an Australian should want to put the boot into Merkel. She is backing
an EU NZ trade deal...what's your beef.