Sunday, April 15, 2018


Perhaps the commenter at Slater's Blog has worked it out!

Winnie becomes the "Acting PM".
In that role he has a quiet word with Soimin who agrees!
Mr once 7% now elevated by cunning in spite of falling to around 2% informs the Gov Gen that due to emerging threats to the NZ economy he has withdrawn his support for the Hydra and can now produce a majority in the Parliament with the National Party!

Alas Ms Bennett will decide to resign as Deputy leader to be replaced in time and the 41st PM will serve until the next election.

By then the Charlatan General can retire with his legacy, such as it will have become, plus a knighthood while the country can just suck it up.
The moronic cult followers including 'Medals',  His Provincial white knight set up to fail in the energy fiasco. and "I know where the bodies are buried" Tracy Martin can do sweet F all unles they are about to give up the money and perks.
Makes what is happening almost plausible, while all other scenarios struggle. for comprehensible rationalisation.
Almost a bloodless Coup d'etat, and afaik within the parameters of what we have for constitutional government process.

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