Sunday, April 8, 2018


to those of us who have ever paid good money to fly Aeroflot.    A survey by the airline booking agent eDreams and based on customer feedback from 60,000 respondents rated Aeroflot eighth in the world and ahead of Air France (hardly surprising).    It is rated Best Major Airline in Europe by Trip Advisor while the APEX Official Airline Ratings named Aeroflot the 2018 Five Star Global Airline.

Clearly the day of the Aeroflop appellation is long gone.

I can recall a flight from Singapore to Moscow and beyond in an IL-62 and being fed caviar, Georgian apples and vodka by an amazon like stewardess (with hirsute armpits showing and smelling) who gave me the distinct impression that, unless I ate it all with a smile on my face, I would be reported to the authorities as showing disrespect for the Rodena ... this on a long flight with the aircraft toilets with notices saying 'nyet something' on the door and locked.

Others may have similar stories to tell.    Mind you, ever flown Jetstar on a bad day?  

I'm in Rotorua/Tauranga for the next few days so limited blogging. 


Andrei said...

You fail to mention the venerable IL-62 is a classic example of Russian engineering, still flying nearly 50 years after first going into production and a safety record unsurpassed perhaps by any airliner certainly any airliner of its generation

I saw a German WW2 propganda film one time where German soldiers were mocking a captured T-36 for its "basic" design and crudness - well maybe it seemed that way to them right until the moment the rolled down the Königsplatz in Berlin

Noel said...

Maybe Andrei but from memory most if the new fleet is Airbus and Boeing.

pdm said...

Apologies for intervening Vet but that comment I deleted was spam.

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... what I failed to mention was that Aeroflot didn't allocate you seats. At Sheremetyevo airport you were trucked out by bus to the foot of the steps leading up into the aircraft (no air bridge) guarded by a couple of boarder guards and milled around until they stood aside. Then it was a mad rush to board ... why? ... because the first ten (I think) rows had huge legroom while with all the others you sat with your knees pressed up against the seat in front of you. Survival of the fittest and first in best dressed.

Them wuz the days (along with Beriozka shops).

Anonymous said...

Ilyushin Il-62 A pilots still uses manual flight controls, no power assist to move those flight control surfaces. If some ice gets in a hinge, it's just your muscles that will break it loose. It also has a history of failed thrust reversers and exploding engines that damage neighboring engines,

It aint the planes so much as pilots, Vodka and a strange unintelligible English that ATC people have difficulty with. While sheltering in a bar during a Hong Kong typhoon I was talking to a Welshman and I mentioned I was on the last flight in before they shut the airport and how hairy it was. No you weren't he said I was....Aeroflot, and the pilot refused to divert.....the Hosties were still screaming even after the plane landed.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Brave man I applaud your courage Veteran

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... I guess that would have to be the old Kai Tak airport where even landing on a good day was an experience to be missed along with watching people eat, drink and fornicate in the apartment buildings towering above you with the pilot executing some interesting gyrations before lining up on (very short) finals.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, try imitating being a calm passenger in and out of HK on the buckets of bolts that CAAC used to fly to/from China. Stop in Guangzhou pick up all the party faithfull returning from junkets with string sacks of tropical produce and monkey meat.
Kai Tak, hard turn to starboard before you hit the Checkerboard, descend with the undercarriage taking in the washing of Kowloon, drop onto the strip and hope the tires don't blow before imbibing the fragrant waters of Kowloon Bay.
A mate returning from R&R was in an incident during aborted takeoff[?] there but was cheered up by the few extra day's leave.


Anonymous said...

I recall a work colleague in the UK in the early 80's saying he and his wife flew of Aeroflot and the plane departed with people standing up. I never realised the Russkies were so far ahead of Ryanair.


Andrei said...

"Maybe Andrei but from memory most if the new fleet is Airbus and Boeing."

There is no plane maker in the Russian Federation that currently manufacures planes that compete with Airbus or Boeing in wide body long haul jets

All these sanctions on trumped up charges may change that, provide the incentive to rectify that lack, it's happening with other things

A lot of the Soviet aerospace industry was located in Ukraine of course and Antonev plane making is in the doldrums as a result

My point was the IL-62 was a very good plane for its time and is still flying in commercial use though its useful life must be coming to a close

With everything there are designs that work brilliantly and then there are lemons

Examples of superb planes might be the DC3 and the Boeing 747 along with the IL-62 which actually has a slightly better safety record than the 747

For cars we might highlight the Mini while the Triumph Mayflower is best forgotten

There is no ideology at play here, just an engineers interest in why some designs end up being so successful and others despite great promise end up being duds

For Tanks the T-36 and so forth

Veteran is reminiscing about life in the later days of Brezhnev when he was in his dotage and the Soviet Union became moribund and eventually collapsed

But don't make the mistake of thinking the same thing cannot happen in the West, this is not a morality tale of communism bad, capitalism good

Stalin for all his sins turned the Soviet Union from a predominantly rural country into a major industrial power and don't forget it was the Soviets who launched the first artificial satellite, put the first man in space and built the first space station

And recognize that right now the post industrial Western world is up to its eyes in debt while China, nominally Communist has the largest economy in the world and isn't in debt but is a major creditor for a large percentage of that Western debt

The party is coming to an end

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

China has the largest economy in the world?

By what measure?

Last time I looked, China's GDP was US12,000 billion, with the US siting as US19,000 billion.

Anonymous said...

Stab me vittles.....Veteran puts on an innocuous post of past blasts and Andrei turns it into a full page propaganda effort on the new five year plan............ 96 journos, remember Andrei. And I will never forgive the bastards for leaving the dog up there.

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

Adolf:">Read and ponder

Andrei said...

Adolf: Read and ponder

Andrei said...

"And I will never forgive the bastards for leaving the dog up there."

So the Soviets euthenized a dog 61 years ago and you are still seething?

The Brits just left two guinea pigs to starve to death and euthenized a cat they had traumatized before incinerating all three - what do you think about that Egbut?

Anonymous said...

I think that 96 journalists were murdered between 2000 and 2017 in reign of terror aimed at free speech.....that's what I think.

Lord Egbut