Saturday, April 7, 2018


Not content with watching porno movies or chartering jet aircraft for his personal use all on 'our' dime (at least Medals Mark used NZDF assets) the Minister for Pork Barrelling has now admitted he told 'porkies' in claiming that he had never been briefed on concerns about the grant of $350,000 to complete a feasibility study into the establishment of a West Coast Rubbish Burning Facility.  

On 21 February the Ministry for the Environment advised Jones that the project did not not stack up either economically or environmentally and was based on unrealistic expectations.     On 23 February Jones announced the grant.  

When questioned about the grant he originally denied he had ever been briefed on the matter saying it was probably all part of a "Darwinistic bureaucratic debate".       

However on Thursday night in the House he was forced to admit he had been briefed against approving the project saying  I don’t recall the advice but I’m prepared to stand by the fact that John did tell me but the fact I can’t recall it bothers me not one jot. The prospect of it embarrassing me is inversely related to the truth. It takes a hell of a lot more to embarrass me".

The arrogance of that statement beggars belief but, then again, Jones was always an arrogant bastard, nurtured by the Labour Party with a post-graduate diploma in arrogant bastardry from the WRP School of Bastardry.  


Paulus said...

Why worry - he like many Labour/NZF/Green MPs he is a consummate liar - goes with the job.

Anonymous said...

He's in good company.......Trump and that serial liar the British Foreign Secretary Johnston make Jones look like a beginner....surely we can do better than them, after all we are supposed to punch above our weight.....C'mon Jonesy tell some really international gut busting porkies.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Wot ... like I never had sex with THAT woman?

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... ALL politicians lie to a greater or lesser degree. It comes with the territory. It's the shear arrogance of Jones that compounds the offence ... 'the fact that I lied bothers me not one jot ... it takes a hell of a lot more to embarrass me'.

And this clown is a Minister of the Crown ... give me strength. Perhaps its a reflection of the company he keeps.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps its a reflection of the company he keeps." Yup, told the prat to stay out of Bellamys.

Friday fulminations a bit late? Troll reunion in Kursk perhaps?

Lord Egbut

George said...

The leader of the Peters syncopates (nudge nudge blink blink not the hero and all time folksie hero he is in his own mind?
I'm shocked I tell you , shocked :)