Monday, April 30, 2018

Sharks' Breakfast

Over recent weeks there has been a spate of shark attacks in Western Australia.

On one day, there were two attacks in the same spot, about six hours apart, at a place called Gracetown.  It just so happens a professional surfers' competition was underway there on the day.  The organisers kept the event going after the first attack but eventually caved in to common sense and cancelled the event.

Image result for great white shark

Among the usual hooting and hollering for the gummint to kill all the big sharks, some sage  observed that this is the time of year when  of sea salmon (Kahawai) and herring school along this coastline and these fish are the staple diet of White Pointers and other big sharks.

The question needs to be asked:-

Who on earth would be stupid enough to hold a surfing competion right in the middle of the spot where sharks congregate for breakfast?

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