Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Random Question.

Was it really in the "spirit of the game " that English non playing team members and staff were spaced around the boundary to return the ball to the clutch of fielders and bowlers around the Bat when a ball passed the cordon to the rope.

I dont tink so but what would I know.

Well done de Grandhomme, and in particular Sodhi and Wagner.
Another fighting retreat from an Indian, a Rhodesian and a Saffa, to deny the old country with their own UN outfit a face saving win to avoid a series loss.


Johno said...

Don't have a problem with it. Rather cunning in fact.
But not as cunning as Wagner reviewing his obviously out wicket to use up time. That was inspired.
Great game. Who would have thought a five day draw would be so enthralling?

The Veteran said...

Had just checked into my hotel at 4.45 and enjoying a complementary drink at he bar and had to have another and another and stayed transfixed till stumps.

Johno ... last line on the money in spades.

Johno said...

Hey, I want to know - where's this hotel that has the complementary drinks?

The Veteran said...

Johno ... Rydges, Auckland, first drink.