Saturday, April 21, 2018


Got up this morning and switched on Sky News to see it lead with with the story (delivered with much solemnity) that the CHOGM had agreed Prince Charles should, at sometime in the future, become Head of the Commonwealth.

WTF ... have I been missing something?

Mind you, Sky News is an Australian news channel.


David said...

Not sure what you think you missed, unless it's the bit that being Head of the Commonwealth is not hereditary. It is decided by the member states. Not every Commonwealth nation is still subject to Betty's rule, many are now republics.

The Veteran said...

David ... are you seriously arguing that it wuz ever going to be anyone else ... Helun Clark perhaps?

The London Declaration of 1948 recognised the King as Head of the Commonwealth. In 1958 the Queen through Letters Patent declared that Prince Charles, his heirs and successors, should be future Heads of the Commonwealth. Slam dunk ... no other decision possible.